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  1. Many thanks everyone. @Callum, I'll try that later - I assume the commands in Affinity are basically the same as PS? Addendum - It just clicked that you have done it for me!!!!!! Thank you very much indeed!!!!! @carl123 In the software I use, it's a bit of pain to do that unfortunately. It's Virtual Worlds - specific for bathroom and kitchen design as it contains lots of pre-modelled branded items but it's very inflexible. I'm sure I could work it using it's advanced tiling templates but I really want to be able to fix the issue at source.
  2. Hi - Newbie to Affinity and photo-editing in general here. I do 3D bathroom design work but sometimes the only tile images we can get have lighting effects applied to them. When used in 3d, this looks dreadful! How can I remove this lighting effect coming from the top left corner to give an even brightness to the tile? I can then apply lighting in my 3D model to give the effect I want. Many thanks, Laurence Only tile image available Looks awful when tiled to the wall in 3D Even tile shading shown from a promo shot
  3. many thanks john and owenr. Great help in the forum here.
  4. Many thanks Gabe I've got to this stage - what is the best way to continue? The clone doesn't seem to do anything here. Cheers, Laurence
  5. Hi - new Affinity user here I have a mosaic tile I want to use to create a repeating pattern - please see attached. I could of course remove the white background and create a large image with many repeats. However, I'd really like to have a single repeat pattern which can be instanced as a simple square image to be repeated in my 3d design software as this will give much more flexibility. What would be the best way to achieve this in Affinity? Many thanks, Laurence

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