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  1. Andrew Smithers

    Cutting a line

    Reglicos donut solution works for me. Alfred - after using the convert to curves tool I can't work out how to break it apart with the node tool? I bought the book too and nothing in that. I'm gobsmacked there isn't a scalpel tool but I guess its just a different way of working I'll have to get used to. Thanks all for the help.
  2. Andrew Smithers


    Thanks for that everyone. Its going to get some getting used to moving from Freehand.
  3. I'm new to Affinity and am working through it for the first time having come from Freehand. I can't find any way or tool to cut a line, as in a scalpel type tool. I want to cut a circle so I have a quarter circle.
  4. I'm new to Affinity and am working through it for the first time having come from Freehand. Am I correct in thinking that every object is a layer? But these can be arranged in groups in the Layers palette?
  5. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    Fonts work although some letterspacing/alignment goes wrong, see pic. Will look at Layers next.
  6. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    Thanks, I'm out today, I'll try it later. Think I've tried pdfs before but I lose layers. Many thanks for looking at this for me.
  7. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    Exporting from Freehand as an eps (with fonts) does give a correct appearance but unfortunately type is converted to paths and is therefor uneditable. Exploring further, every character and graphic element has its own layer, which would probably be time consuming to work with. So the eps solution doesn't work. How long until your coders can sort this?
  8. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    Sorry, eps not pdf, nothing to do with distiller, but Freehand does have that font inclusion option - will look later
  9. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    It does indeed open an eps. Layers seem to be preserved, which was a big issue for me, although it loses their names, not a problem. However, I'm not that familiar with Designer yet, but it would appear that the fonts have been substituted (probably not a problem for me) but they've been converted to paths - problem! Can you confirm? Thanks for looking at this for me today, going out now, but will be looking at this further later if you can confirm text is still editable. (Might be the pdf I used - include fonts in distiller?)
  10. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    You'll have to help me here, surely everything in the file has a dimension? What might have 'units in it'? I did buy Affinity Designer on the basis that the sales documentation said it opened Freehand 10 files.
  11. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    How do I do that? From within Freehand?
  12. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    How do I do that? From within Freehand?
  13. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    Any news on this please?
  14. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    Thanks Basile. Tried changing the extension to FH10 to 11 but that didn't work.
  15. Andrew Smithers

    Macromedia Freehand

    How did you get on with opening my Freehand file in Affinity?

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