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  1. Irene this is exactly where I got to as well. This is far too complex / obtuse for DTP software and VERY frustrating. At the very least the logic in the settings is flawed. This needs work guys and fixing urgently - it's such a basic document requirement.
  2. Irene, I have exactly the same issue and I spent 5 hours today watching the tutorial videos and trying every conceivable combination of settings and I gave up.If it can be done, and surely it must, I failed. It's such a basic requirement for a document / report. Help!!
  3. Thanks Sean. You answer raises a number of issues... What do you mean "the geometry needs cleaning up" and why was the user in the video able to demonstrate the feature, yet with the current AD release we can't? I should add I followed the video exactly. Surely this implies an issue with the latest release of the software? By update, I left AD running on my MacBook Pro i7 for two days to complete the ADD action and the Activity Monitored showed AD running at over 100% whilst consuming the majority of RAM and CPU cycles and yet it never completed the 'ADD' action. Your answer implied it would if enough time was allowed Can you advise how I would complete the task demonstrated in the video in a more efficient and 'geometry friendly' way? At the moment I don't know if the software is at fault, or if the task was just too huge to process in a reasonable timeframe or what? Interesting that the iPad app - same version 1.6.1 - showed exactly the same behaviour. I'd appreciate a little clarity on the issue as I am heavily invested in all of Affinity's products and do not want to return to Adobe apps if at all possible. Let me just end by saying that I am a huge Affinity fan and advocate. David
  4. I was following the "Create 3D Text Effect | Affiinity Designer | Tutorial | Type Mockup" on YouTube on my MacBook Pro (running macOS 10.13.6 and Affinity Designer for Mac v1.6.1 and iPad v 1.6.1) and replicating the tutorial steps on AD as I went along. However, AD hung at 2.38m in when adding/merging two layers. I tried several times again after rebooting, removing and reinstalling AD on the mac but the issue remained. I had just bought AD for my iPad Pro (v1.6.1 also) and tried to follow the tutorial step by step again on the iPad version of AD but it hung in exactly the same place! Clearly there is a major issue here with AD. Can anybody help? Affinity? David.