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  1. Hi and thanks very much for your prompt reply and content therein. All noted. Kind regards.
  2. Under Basics in the tutorials there is a video on Document Setup. I am sorry if this is a totally stupid question but! what is the purpose of setting up a document? What is the next stage? Should I be setting up "a document" for each camera I use? My general camera is a FujiFilm XT3 but when not in possession of the Fuji I will capture images with my iPhone X Many thanks from a totally new chap to both Affinity and digital photography
  3. Hi and many thanks for your comprehensive reply. As you might gather, I am not that competent with 'stepping outside the norm' computer wise! I have, for me, a fairly simple work route. Derived from the various responses to my post Kindest regards
  4. No problem with removing cards from a camera just wanted to use the USB cable for battery charge and file transfer now worked out a way that suits my work flow many thanks for your input though
  5. Hi and thanks work flo is now thus take image attach usb cable and import to macs photo export from photo to a names folder on hard drive open and edit from there with affinity very many thanks
  6. Thanks for your speedy reply am away from desk but will have a go later and feed back kind regards
  7. Sure I am trying to avoid taking the SD cards out of the camera each time so am using the USB cable camera does not show on macs devices list (but does trigger the import to photo so is being “seen”) More research in setting up my camera me thinks!
  8. Hi Gabe and many thanks for your speedy reply. I am trying to do as you suggest but I am as yet to find a way of transferring to a location on my MAC other than 'Photo' (when I look at the information on the RAW image in Photo it does say its a RAW file so yes absolutely) I am sure there must be a way but I cant readily find it Kind regards
  9. Hi I have got a FujiFilm XT-3. Configured 1card slot for RAW and the 2nd card slot for JPEG. Connect to PC (iMac) and the system wants to import to Photos. If I do this and try to use Affinity to edit the RAW image the file does not come over as A RAW but JPEG Question/s Can I configure Affinity to receive the camera files What do I need to do to get the RAW file over from Photo to infinity Your help would be great
  10. YEAHH. Yep that worked perfectly. Many thanks
  11. Dear Dan C I fear I may have caused you a waste of time! for when I do the same procedure but using my Pentax K-5II the import of a RAW file works as it should (perhaps my FujiFilm X-A10 is not a supported camera Kind regards
  12. Dear Dan C Many thanks for your earlier response. Attached (with luck) is the information you asked for The camera is a Fujifilm X-A10 My OS is High Sierra v 10.13.6 Below is a poor screen shot but typical of the issue I have. Across the middle is a line (in this case blue but that is the partial colour of the image) The procedure taken was to open Affinity Open from file (card in card reader port of my MAC) I have found that if I were to import the file to MACs photo and edit via the Affinity link it takes it over but not as a RAW file
  13. Hi DanC thanks for your reply. I will harvest the information requested and get it to you kind regards
  14. I am trying Affinity (not yet purchased) does the trial version have limited features? When I try to work on a RAW file I get the correct screen as per the tutorials but only part of the image appears. Am I doing something wrong or wont the trial version allow full RAW file work?