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  1. Hi I am happy to collect a photo from MAC photos, edit and so on, but what I can’t the do is return the edited image back into photo. this process happens on the iMac versions but not (that I can find, on the iPad) Driver error? Or not an allowed to i can save ok to iCloud Drive kindest regards
  2. Hi and I note that Affinity has another upgrade. Regrettably the issue I 1st reported is still not resolved Same work flow on my iMac (High Sierra) no problems, never has been Mac Book air catalina still refuses to complete edit even using an image taken after update. Does / would someone from management like to take control of my Mac Air so you can Watch what I am doing or Do it yourselves on y machine I would be so very happy for this to happen (even if shows what a total d*ck head I might well be) Kind regards
  3. Hi and many thanks for your time on this issue. So, I, as per your request did the extensions / restart etc Then: Shot in RAW Removed card from camera and dragged file into Affinity and edited fine and dandy Ditto JPEG Then I “share” the edited image with Photo BUT If i then seek to perform further editing of the image by the process Edit> Edit with Affinity Conduct edit Whilst in affinity Save> Close Then at Photo save change I get the fault banner as before. If I use the WiFi transfer facility from camera to Photo album I still cant ultimately edit the image I have done this with both my cameras (XT-3 and now X100 V) I have conducted the same process on my iMac (High Sierra 10.13.6) and what ever combination I adopt i am able to conduct my editing successfully Are you able to do a PC share, jump onto my lap top and see if you can replicate m problem ?? Kind regards Bob M
  4. Hi Sorry for the delay. The final screen is this It happens with images taken with my iPhone 11 pro (latest upgrade) Fuji X100-F (latest upgrade) The process I follow is Open image in Photo > Edit > Edit with Affinity Conduct the edit wit Affinity > Save> Close> Go to Photo > save changes then the attached image is displayed
  5. Hi, many thanks Version 1.8.1 and no I didnt (I think our posts are crossing, I will wait for you to take the lead)
  6. Hi and again I am sorry to contact you but! Despite an up date by Affinity the conflict between Photo Catalan and Affinity is still not resolved. You did kindly suggest I use the beta version (thanks) but I cant seem to navigate my way to a way of down loading it Can you kindly assist with a possible time scale on the fix and a way to download the beta version Kind regards
  7. Hi All at Affinity. A month ago I posted about Affinity v Catalina not working. Its still not working Yet the post has been closed Can we have some progress please
  8. Hi and thanks for your reply Of course, you are totally correct, in that it has been discussed over and over Sadly, it - the fix - has not manifested its self Thus my nudge which I believe is appropriate, not rude, shouting or in anyway abusive
  9. Hi Hi team Well its now 15/11/19 and the "fix" still has not been sorted. Fast loosing good will over this and beginning to look round for other post processing software Not shouting and trying to be good willed but please do get it fixed
  10. Great stuff. I am (like some others) very much looking forward to seeing the "Fix" rolled out
  11. Hi and thanks very much for your reply. The issue is dragging on a bit though
  12. Hi That is a very good question? Truth be told whilst I very much like Affinty but am rapidly loosing the plot on this last issue
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