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  1. Slices in the export persona are regularly 1 pixel larger than the Artboards they are generated from. This is probably some (hopefully simple) rounding bug but it is very annoying for documents with many icons to export etc as you have to go to each manually and reset it to 512x512 (instead of 513x512) for example.

    This seems to be particularly when artboards are copied. To replicate do the following:

    - Create a new document (eg 1280 x 800 resolution).

    - Create a new artboard from the document using the artboard tool.

    - Duplicate the artboard using "duplicate" and move to spare space.

    - Go to export persona and see that the second artboard has resolution of 1281 x 800.

    Hope this helps.



    Affinity Designer iPad Pro


  2. I was directed to this forum by the affinity twitter after sharing the inspiring work of @_baku89 in building procedural vector drawing tools with scripts (see below).

    example video

    interactive web demo

    I have seen a couple of "script"-esque feature requests abound general automation but none on building actual drawing tools. The number of designers that can code seems to be increasing exponentially thanks to the ease of javascript and creative coding frameworks such as processing.org and paper.js etc. No one in the vector drawing space seems to be taking advantage of this (ie affinity or adobe). Being able to script the affinity drawing API with little functions such as in baku's "pentool" (above) to create new shapes and tools would create a rich developer ecosystem and explode affinity designer's feature set into things Adobe illustrator simply cannot do (rather than just doing everything illustrator does but better).

    This feature might take the form of a "Code" persona or "Code brush" tool that allows people to write or download short scripts to modify or create procedural content. Having a fully featured and public vector drawing api (such as the html canvas / svg etc) would allow users to build tools for other users (like copy-pasteable plugins) and i imagine lots of responses to current feature requests such as blendshapes etc would simply become "someones made an af script for that".

    I understand this is a non trivial / long term feature, however there is a whole (growing) industry of creative coders (myself included) that I can see rushing towards this type of tool and helping develop exciting new drawing tools for other designers that cannot code (yet). This would literally be a game changer in vector drawing apps and someone will do it eventually. I just really hope Affinity Designer does it first.


    Ps. If you allow "Persona's" to be developed as native affinity plugins you might find that someone will do most of the legwork for you.. 

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