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  1. That makes no difference in the performance of the flow, is not precise and still very slow.
  2. Hi again, I updated the driver for Wacom tablet - but it didn't change anything. Deinstallation and new installation didn't work either. Here two screenshots - one with Affinity Photo 1.6.5 and the other with 1.7. You can see clearly the difference in how the brush reacts.
  3. Hi Lee D, I didn't check the drivers of the Wacom tablet - but will do. Thanks for that. I still don't understand why it worked so smoothly with Affinity Photo 1.6.5. I don't think that just a screenshot will show the issue (a video I can't make), except that with normal settings it works very slow and with high precise settings it's exremely slow - I see for quite a while no line that I drew. And when I draw round lines, they aren't smooth but have edges. I used the normal brushes of the program, sizes varied from 8 to 32 pixels. Greetings from Berlin.
  4. Hi, I installed the update (Windows 8) and now the program reacts extremly slow while I'm using the graphic pen with the tablet. I've put settings on high precise tablet use - it takes quite a while until I see anything of what I was drawing. Putting the setting on normal it is slow and really unprecise. AF 1.6.5 worked smooth and quick, real time to say. What can I do to make it work comfortable?
  5. Hi Stokerg, even meanwhile I could get a file started in Affinity Designer and do some testing - today I downloaded ProcessMonitor Programm and did as you requested. I started PM and then Affinity Designer, wanted to open my testfile, but the message appeared and I saved the LogFile. I appreciate that you're taking time to have a look at it and hopefully find the problem. Thanx a lot and greetings from Berlin - have a nice start into the new week! Shockanne Logfile.PML
  6. Hi Stokerg, thanks for your support. I will do so - but haven't any time today. Probably tomorrow or on sunday. You hear from me asap. Have a nice day!
  7. I cannot find any temporary file in there from Affinity Designer.
  8. Thanks Carl123, but the problem to me isn't that much the closing - I can handle that with the task-manager - but that the program doesn't create any file I as I ask it to do. As I wrote: I bought the program new two days ago now and since then it starts but does not react further more. It's Affinity Designer 1.6.4, running on desktop with Windows 8, Prozessores (8) Intel Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 - if that may help.
  9. Hi RC-R, this is excatly the problem: I see the menu, I tell Affinity Designer what I want to do - but it doesn't react, nothing happens, even not after minutes. And when I want to close the programm it tells me, that there are one or more files to be opened and I should wait. I cannot close the programm - only with the task-manager. As I wrote, I have a simular problem with Affinity Photo - but when I start the programm again, all works well. Not so with Designer. I couldn't create not even one new file until now. Really kind of disappointing.
  10. I've bought yesterday Affinity Designer for Windows 8. Installation was succesful and the programm does start. But it doesn't create any sheet to work on. When I want to end the programm it tells me, that I should wait for the file to open - but nothing happens. I have to end the programm with the task-manager. The similar problem happens with Affinity Photo - but here it runs after the next start. Therefor I thought it might be the same with the Designer. But five or more starts aren't successful. What might be the problem? Thanks for your support.