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  1. This is a killer for me (Affinity Designer for iOS). I'm not an artist, I don't do freehand! I need the equivalent of CorelDRAW! functionality. Suggestion: pencil tool fly-out (similar to smart shapes fly-out), with options freehand or straight (draw a straight vector from pen-down to pen-up). May be able to think of some more modes too... (but please see update below) Work-around Create a template straight line: Draw freehand line (anywhere, preferably a clear work area); Select node tool; Drag selection box to encompass all nodes except two; Delete (dustbin icon); Drag selection box to encompass the ends; Select the "sharp" option from the B├ęzier curve controls at the bottom of the screen. You now have a prototype straight line. Copy anywhere you want a straight line in your drawing, then manipulate as required: Select node tool; Drag either end of the line to where you want it. UPDATE.... I've now discovered this work-around isn't necessary. Simply use the pen tool rather than the pencil tool, and choose "line" mode - that does it!