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  1. Many thanks v_kr and especially DWright I hadn't read DPP's abilities with Canon raw images but it makes perfect sense being Canon's software. It got me thinking to try opening the raw in Luminosity 4 which I never use for raw editing and sure enough it opens the swan image above looking pretty well exactly the same as AP. One of those head smacking "Duhh!, why didn't I try that before." moments. Must be age
  2. Just got an EOS R7 and when I open the raw files from this camera the white balance is way off. On one occasion the Tint slider was all the way over to the right margin (ie full magenta) with a very pink/purple image to edit. (See attached screen grab.) On the attached images the CR3 file opened in AP with a very yellow tint. For a daylight shot Affinity Photo had temperature set to 6441 when the raw file was loaded. The two attached images are from the same raw file First it was opened in AP and without adding any adjustments at all it was developed then saved as a jpeg Then the same raw was opened in Canon's Digital Photo Professional software (DPP) and also saved as a jpeg with no adjustments. You can see the difference. I have tried opening files with both Serif Labs and Apple (Core Image RAW) to no avail. I have an M1 Mac Mini with 16G ram running MacOs 12.3 Also the EOS R7 has a RAW Burst Mode with Pre Shooting where a "roll" of images are saved beginning from 0.5s before the shutter is fully depressed. When single images are extracted via Canon's DPP software they are saved as .CR3 files. However they must be different from standard .CR3 files because AP will not open them and pops up a "Failed to open file" "The file type is not supported." message. Screen record.mov
  3. This feature missing feature that was logged with the developers in July 2017 is still missing in August 2020. That's 3 years so is it coming? It's still said to be there in the help files.
  4. Thanks for the reply Dan. I wasn't too concerned about awaiting a reply because a couple of days later the clipping warnings started working. I have no idea why except to say the computers can be diabolical contraptions when they want to be 😁 Also I'm using Apple raw Because it seemed to give me better less noisy results but I probably should switch back to Serif LABs and give it another try. Cheers, Phree_ed
  5. Further to the above after saving the image above then reloading it I can now successfully see the red highlight clipping warnings but still not the blue shadow warnings. Have rebooted the Mac and started everything from scratch again but still no shadow clipping warnings.
  6. I cannot get the clipping warnings to display at all. I'm in the develop persona and I can select either or both switches on for highlights and/or shadows then slide the exposure all the way up or all the way down and I never see any red highlight clipping indication or blue shadow clipping indication. The Show Clipped Tones button works but the highlight and shadows do not. Is there something I'm missing?? Note the histogram in the attached screen grabs, there should be clipping warnings. Thanks in advance Graham
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