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  1. Hey, I imported quite a lot of brush sets into my iPad Version of AP and I've encountered the following problem: If I want to move an existing brush into a new group/set the list that pops up and let's me choose where to put the brush is not scrollable and I'm not able to put the brush into the groups/sets at the bottom of the list. Furthermore, if I try to scroll the brush gets moved to the group I first touched when trying to do the scrolling motion and the List disappears immediately. It happened quite a few times now, that I have no Idea, where the brush went. When fixing the problem, maybe it would be nice to include a small popup notion that says brush "XXX" moved to group "YYY", similar to the undo/redo notions. Thanks!
  2. I have just been looking for the same thing... Any updates here or maybe plugins that would help? Thanks in Advance
  3. Amazing, thanks! Will I be notified via the news panel when starting Affinity when there is a patch or anything?
  4. Hey Dan, thanks for the comprehensive reply! We created three files: The Photoshop Action we want to recreate in Affinity, one .psd file where we just did the selective color adjustment and a .afphoto file where we did the same adjustment to different results. I hope you can work with that? As for the OS: I'm using macOS 10.13.6 and I double checked but there is no scrollbar to be found... with shift+Tab I can move up the little panels where I can put in the values, but it still does not scroll, even when I move above the topmost panel this way. And the LZW compression ist great news, thanks! feinwasser-aktionen photoshop.atn feinwasser.afphoto feinwasser.psd
  5. Hey, We tried to use Affinity Photo to create a printing file and somewhere in that process we need to do a selective colour adjustment. We have been doing this in Photoshop before and noticed that we would get a very different outcome when using the same values in the adjustment. I've attached the afphoto-file, the outcome of that ("MöhreMakroTest.tiff") as well as the desired outcome ("M10.tiff"). The values used in the adjustment are Reds: -100, 25, 75, 0 Yellows: -100, -100, 100, -100 Greens: 50, -100, 50, -25 Cyans: 0, -100, 0, 0 Blues: 0, 0, -100, 0 Magentas: -100, 0, 100, -25 Whites, Blacks and Neutrals remain unchanged. Also creating Macros is not very well done so far in my opinion. Besides from missing some options to for example delete a recorded step, there seems to be a bug: When setting many adjustment parameters (as done in selective colours) one is not able to view them in the Macro Studio, because there is simply no way to scroll and it gets cut off at the top. Bonus question: We we're not able to create a spot channel for white highlights and as a workaround set a global white spot colour with overprinting. Does that make any sense? Oh and a final thing: The tiff-files from Photoshop all were in the range of 50MB, the one we did with Affinity ("MöhreMakroTest.tiff") is way smaller. Any explanations for that? Any help is very much appreciated, thank you! Lukas feinwasserDruck.afphoto feinwasserDruck.afmacro M10.tif MöhreMakroTest.tiff
  6. feinwasser

    Fade Last

    Thank you so much! That does make a lot of sense actually
  7. feinwasser

    Fade Last

    I am unable to find any documentation on what the "fade last" option does, nor can I find it in the desktop version of AF. Any help?
  8. Could you elaborate on this? Like, is a fill level of 50% in PS equivalent to pulling the left or the right node or both down to 50% in AP? Thanks in advance!

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