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  1. Hello, I'm facing the following issue with colour picker, Hope someone can provide me with a solution. 1- I'm using the colour picker to sample the colour of an existing shape, that has a pantone colour, the problem is, it's picking the equivalent CMYK colour, not the pantone itself. So if I have a pantone colour with 50% tint in the slider, the colour picker will pick the equivalent of that 50% Pantone in CMYK, rather than picking the same value, which is Pantone ... 50%. That's very unhelpful, since I have a complicated pattern, were all shapes need to be various tint values of the same pantone, rather than cmyk equivalents of each pantone tint! How can I make the colour picker pick the pantone with the tint value? Thank you in advance for the help! affinity_desinger_colour_picker.wmv
  2. Hi MEB, Thank you for the warm welcome , clicking while holding (alt) isolates the layer, but once I try to drag-select anything inside that layer, it exits isolation mode, I don't really see the point of having visual non editable isolation mode! The thing is, I have an artboad that has some elements, each element is a layer or a group that has lots of nested shapes, is there a way to select the shapes inside a specific element in the viewport?
  3. To be honest when I found out about Affinity Designer, I thought I just found illustrator replacement, I've been using it for few days now, it's awesome in many aspects, like constraints, snapping and grids, it's much more better than illustrator in many aspects, BUT, it's also lacking on many ESSENTIAL features, like isolation mode, I just found out that there's no such thing in AD, and it's kind of shocking, relying on locking an unlocking layers is counter intuitive and slows the work process a lot. Now when I find out that essentials features like isolation mode, or RTL support are requested since 2014, and still are not there... Well I can't say that AD is a replacing AI anytime soon.
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