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  1. Have now gone back and turned acceleration off, restarted and tried again. All working fine now, thanks
  2. Ahhh, Ive tried reducing the brush size. Limit seems to be about 300px. Anything above that seems to have the Black Circle issue
  3. Hardware acceleration was already on with mine but I removed the tick, replaced it then shut down the entire program, reloaded and this issue is still happening
  4. No that has made no difference, The required alternative appears as you drag the area across the image but when you release the button it changes to a black circle over the desired area
  5. I have saved the work thinking that maybe the black circles were just a viewing issue but they are still there on the saved image. Will try hardware acceleration as you suggest. thanks
  6. Trying to use the Blemish Removal Tool on the Sky in an image and instead of replacing the area with required alternative when you drag the cursor it just leaves Black Circles on the image as per image attached. Has something changed with the use of this tool ? Please advise . . .
  7. Ahh thanks Walt, never used to have to do that just double click on the adjustment bar. Cheers for that
  8. Downloaded 1.9 today. All the tools work but the Adjustments on the left of the workspace wont open up. You can click on the presets but the actual adjustment panels wont open to do any manual adjustments. Please advise . . .
  9. Hi Mark, thanks for reply. I have sorted it now by taking my monitor display up to 200% but for some reason after the latest update all the icons and buttons were significantly reduced in size. Maybe a variable button for icon and controls size is an idea for a future update ?
  10. Hi, this maybe a bit of a donkey question but after the last update the icons on my Affinity studio are all much smaller and hard to read. Is there a way of adjusting this or is it fixed ? Thanks in advance for any help
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