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  1. Supported gestures question. I see an option is added for supporting touch gestures, and not drawing with the the finger. However I am not able to find anywhere how to enable additional gestures and what they are. Pinch to zoom - This works 2 Finger move to pan canvas - This works The gestures in question are: Rotate canvas - (all apps 2 finger rotate) AP - ? Undo - (CSP, Fresco, Concepts, etc - 2 finger tap, PS, SBP - 3 finger swipe) AP -? Redo - (Other apps 3 finger tap or similar) AP - ? Restore canvas at the right angle after rotation (This might not be necessary if the canvas will snap at the right angles)- ?
  2. Hey ot has been almost 2 years, has anything improved in the brush settings ? What did you mean "in a position to add more" ? Are they legally restricted from adding more options or what ?
  3. Here is a copic palette I created. Maybe it will be useful for someone. Copic.afpalette
  4. Hi. The way brush dynamics are set up is good, however each parameter can only be controlled by 1 type of stylus output. Styluses typically have 2 main outputs: Pressure and Tilt (there is also rotation but its not relevant here as AP provides the correct solution). People that learned to write/draw/paint with physical tools expect them to behave in a certain way. Example is below: Pencil (almost the same can be applied to a paintbrush) When I draw a line and press harder, line becomes thicker and more opaque. (In AP this can be achieved by setting size and accumulation jitters to pressure). However when I tilt a real life pencil, the shape of the stroke becomes more prolonged, oval shaped (In AP achieved by setting shape jitter to tilt). Because now pencil is on its side, the size of the stroke increases as more of the lead is in contact with the surface (This can not be achieved, because size is already controlled by pressure). The solution imo, could be an ability to add another size jitter gauge. with the same options that are already present. The software will then choose what stroke to paint by simply selecting greater of the 2 outputs. Example: My brush size is 100. I set size jitter to pressure, I set the curve so that at maximum pressure my brush size is e.g 80, then in the second size jitter gauge, I set the size jitter to tilt, and set the curve so my brush size is 100 at maximum tilt. That is it, brush gets the size of the output that is greater. What do you think Affinity team and community ? Would this be useful or not ? And possible to implement or not ?
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