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  1. Thanks for the reply. The fade option for the brush was also missing and the texutre is not applied in the same way as in ps. These were the issues I also found while trying to replicate it. I hope this can be added soon. And thanks for the brushes, I will try them out :)
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies. I'm sorry I forgot to mention, but I'm using the Windows Version and Shift + Tab worked fine. For some reason I only tried Ctrl and Alt with Tab. Thanks :) Also I overlooked the language setting, but after looking a bit closer I found it :)
  3. Is there a way to stop affinity photo from turning Enter into a new paragraph? Sometimes I just want to start a new line without the huge space in between. Also I couldn't find an option to turn of spell checkin (if it's in the preferences, the search can't find it)
  4. Affinity Photo has very few brush dynamics settings. I was using a tutorial to create a dynamic cloud brush in photoshop (Here is the tutorial) but this is not possible in affinity photo. Also importing the exported ps brush results in a brush that is nothing like the exportet version from photoshop.
  5. When I paste something the pasted content is automatically aligned to the top left corner and the layer size stays the same. So when the pasted content is bigger than the layer, only the top left part is visible. I would need to resize the layer in advance and then crop it manually. Or is there any way to do this properly like in basically any other photo editor that asks what to do (resize)? I'd even prefer to automatically resize the layer to the pasted size, if bigger (in this case)
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