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  1. Pixelements

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Got the same issue using the the pencil.. Maybe it will get fixed by the next update, because I really love this app!
  2. Pixelements

    Reverse text path on iPad?

    But it's not possible with my file anymore, is it? I've tried it out, but it turns all my letters into the curves. I guess it's too late in my case..
  3. Pixelements

    Reverse text path on iPad?

    Thank you so much for the explanation. Maybe it will get updated in the future Erm.. And how do I convert my shape into a curve, so I can reverse the path of my curve, instead of the shape? nvm. I've found it. But in my case it doesn't work anymore, because it turns all the letters into a curve, instead of the shape. Or did you get it working with my example file?
  4. Pixelements

    Reverse text path on iPad?

    Thanks for your video. Maybe I am too dumb with my case, I dont know. Ive uploaded the file, maybe you can help me out :) Erstes Logo.afdesign
  5. Pixelements

    Reverse text path on iPad?

    I can‘t get it work for me.. Basically I dublicated the top part with the text and rotated it by 180 degrees. I was searching for reverse text path button all the time and found this thread. Yes, there is one with the pen tool as you mentioned, but it doesn‘t do anything with my text. Can someone help me?