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  1. Thanks MEB! I'll have to dive back in and test some of this out later. Clicked all over those rulers, guess I didn't make it quite to the cross. Would it be possible for the team to make the rulers actionable for this as well? That's just where my brain (and I'm assuming a bunch of other brains) go to. Yeah, I suppose my concerns with those two options are: 1. Margins done this way seem very guess-and-check, especially since I can't see them done live. In InDesign you can pull up 'Margins and Columns' and get a live-updated, visual feel for what your layout is going to be l
  2. First off: thank you for Publisher! I’ve been waiting for this and it’s been great to take a crack at building stuff. Secondly: apologies for the thoughts below. As I learned with Designer, there’s probably a way to do half of this stuff, I just haven’t been able to find it yet. Layout Guides - I’m not seeing a way to specify the exact placement of guides. It seems like this should be in the dynamic menu bar (the section that gives you font information when you click on a text box) or the Transform tab. I could be missing it. I Need the ability to lay out columns from a page l
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much MEB! Sounds like a bunch of this was sitting right under my nose the whole time
  4. I've been slowly transitioning to using Affinity Designer (and Photo) and loving it. However, there are a couple sore thumbs that I thought I would bring up here for future additions: The ability to right-click on the rulers and change your document measurement units. Paste in Front/Back. I've seen this mentioned a couple times before and the general attitude seems "Smart Object" functionality for placed items. The other day I placed 25 Affinity Photo documents into a big Designer file, and then went back and edited half of them in Photo. I assumed they would update, but
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