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  1. Thanks MEB! I'll have to dive back in and test some of this out later. Clicked all over those rulers, guess I didn't make it quite to the cross. Would it be possible for the team to make the rulers actionable for this as well? That's just where my brain (and I'm assuming a bunch of other brains) go to. Yeah, I suppose my concerns with those two options are: 1. Margins done this way seem very guess-and-check, especially since I can't see them done live. In InDesign you can pull up 'Margins and Columns' and get a live-updated, visual feel for what your layout is going to be like and see margins, columns, and gutters all interacting. 2. Guides seems to be the go-to solution to this, but what I can do in a couple seconds and couple clicks in InDesign would take quite a bit longer in Publisher. I also play with my layouts as I go, so setting up a bunch of guides and then deciding I should, for example, add another column is another costly change.
  2. First off: thank you for Publisher! I’ve been waiting for this and it’s been great to take a crack at building stuff. Secondly: apologies for the thoughts below. As I learned with Designer, there’s probably a way to do half of this stuff, I just haven’t been able to find it yet. Layout Guides - I’m not seeing a way to specify the exact placement of guides. It seems like this should be in the dynamic menu bar (the section that gives you font information when you click on a text box) or the Transform tab. I could be missing it. I Need the ability to lay out columns from a page level. A mode where I can set margins and page columns and see them updated in real time is a must. I’ve closed 98% of my Affinity Pub projects over this missing so far. The ability to quickly change document units. I can do this in InDesign by right-clicking on the rulers. The ability to switch from Inches to Picas (thanks for adding those!) and such would be huge. Typography The mixed text styles window is kind of driving me crazy. The ability to have separate character styles and paragraph styles, and to be able to sort them in folders and such would make this more usable usable. I’m not sure how I feel about “show samples” being on by default. My palette felt really chaotic until I discovered that. I could see it maybe being beneficial. Picture Frames/Images The ability to drag-and-drop images into picture frames. Along those same lines, a “Paste Into” ability for these frames. Some controls for the images inside frames such as “fit to frame” “fit frame to content” “fill frame (proportionally)” Misc Preview for ctrl-W is ok. I’m glad it was added, but I REALLY need it as W. I’m completely used to this from InDesign, and it doesn’t seem like “W” is currently occupying any sort of role. The ability to add hyperlinks to text. It sounds like this is on the roadmap and is more difficult than anticipated. Holding out for this. InDesign has a hyperlinks palette. I use this for interactive PDFs and my resume. Right now, only properly formatted URLs are rendered, but I I'm just another voice amidst a sea of them, pining for a way to import InDesign files (although I know that's being worked on). I’m a little unclear on how Publisher documents are actually handled. With InDesign, you’re able to design a whole document, and link out to content (images, vectors, etc.) you want to place inside, which keeps the file size quite low. At the end you can export a package that has your original file, fonts, images, a PDF, etc. When I place an image in Publisher, is it being linked? Embedded? Am I going to end up with a ton of huge Publisher files?
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much MEB! Sounds like a bunch of this was sitting right under my nose the whole time
  4. I've been slowly transitioning to using Affinity Designer (and Photo) and loving it. However, there are a couple sore thumbs that I thought I would bring up here for future additions: The ability to right-click on the rulers and change your document measurement units. Paste in Front/Back. I've seen this mentioned a couple times before and the general attitude seems "Smart Object" functionality for placed items. The other day I placed 25 Affinity Photo documents into a big Designer file, and then went back and edited half of them in Photo. I assumed they would update, but after some digging learned that placing actually meant embedding the Photo documents inside my Designer project. I ended up creating a file that was over a gig and needed to re-edit and replace them. Clearer visual isolation of groups and subgroups. When I start clicking into various groups of elements, it can be difficult to tell what Inception-like layer I find myself in. The way Illustrator greys out outside elements really helps. Not having "background" selected by default in the Export persona. Always having artboards align to full pixels. I create a ton of artboards, and a big part of my Designer workflow has become taking time to go through them one-by-one and make sure there's no extra pixel rows or columns being added. And while I'm on a roll… 6. The ability to edit pathfinder objects after-the-fact. For example, if I subtract a circle from a square, it would be great to pop back in to this shape and adjust the circle instead of having to deal with the new curve outlines of the resulting shape. See Figma and Sketch as an example. Apologies if some of these are actually features that exist. I've tried to dig down on all of them and haven't found anything concrete. Keep up the good work!
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