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  1. After upgrading to 1.6.5 (the latest one) the performance is a bit better than before, not espectacular yet, but at least it is not super slow, that´s a good sign
  2. Thanks SrPx, I´ll do a video, I can´t share the document, and I´m on a tight deadline, so I cannot replicate the problem in a free document, but I´ll try to record a video hiding the parts I must hide. I can upload the file privately to them, but that´s it I´m afraid. Thanks!
  3. Hi @firstdefence No my patterns are vectors, I need them as vectors because I need to export this in different resolutions, I cannot use a bitmap pattern. They are drawings inside a layer that cover an specific zone and I mask that layer, for example the wood floor or the terrace floor. Yeah, regarding the CPU, that is why I posted my CPU, a 5960X, 8 cores 16 threads at 4,2Ghz, pretty powerful computer, that is why I think it´s strange this performance. One file of this project weigths around 25Mb the smallest one and 40Mb the biggest one. Cheers!
  4. Hi there. I´m drawing some commercial planes for an architecture firm, and I´m suffering a super bad performance, my computer is a big one, a 5960X, 64Gb of RAM, SSD´s and a GTX1080. But as soon as I have a few shapes in my document, designer becomes super sluggish, doing practically anything is super problematic, check an example of the kind of project I´m doing as an attached image, I can´t show the full plane, but you get the idea of the kind of project it is. How can I improve performance in this situation? It´s pretty bad working at that low speed. Thanks.
  5. Hi Gabriel. Thanks for those links! I don´t want to draw isometric plans, I just want to dress a 2D floor plan in a beautyful way for clients, what I´m looking for are resources like furniture, kitchen objects, garden things and trees, etc... But anyways, I´ll check the videos and thanks for your anwer! Cheers!
  6. Hi there. I have to do several floor plans for an architectural firm, I would like to know where can I find resources, free or commercial, for such kind of designs. Thanks!