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  1. Hi @rigamonte, since posting this I just went ahead and tried using designer to design a website and will say it was a pretty smooth experience. The main issue I had was with grids, but I simply just used a pre-generated jpg and locked the layer to the back. My daily driver is still Figma, but you can get a lot done with designer and will be good enough if design isn't your main role.
  2. @paulstar08 Oh yes, a dedicated app would be the dream! But as @fdelaneau said all that is missing for me is a little more flexibility in grids, everything else that I need is in there. When I have time I will make a grid template on a layer, but I will miss that keyboard shortcut to toggle grids on and off.
  3. I'm also evaluating Designer for web design and the first thing I came up against is grids. As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be a way to easily set up a grid like you can in sketch (ie. of a with a maximum width and centred) are there any work arounds for this? I've found some templates for grids but they have the columns drawn on layers which you cannot easily turn on and off.
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