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  1. I know I have it set to global, and yet sometimes it samples background. Maybe I accidentally use some shortcut that changes eyedropper settings?
  2. I have found out what whas wrong I had Brightness/Contrast layer on top of my artwork, and the eyedropper tool had been sampling the edited colour. I hid this adjustment layer and it started working just fine. But, I have another question about this tool. Sometimes it samples the colour of the background instead the one of the layer on top of it. When it happens I have to change the active layer, sample the color I want and then go back to the layer I'm working on. Is there any particular reason why this happens?
  3. Hello, I'm working on a file that has layers with various blending modes applied. I want to export the file to .psd and preserve those effects, but I cannot flatten the whole file (some layers can be merged, but some have to be separate). Is there any way of flattening those groups of layers and not losing the appearance that they have with blending modes applied? Unfortunately I cannot share the file to show exactly what I mean, I hope the explanation is clear enough. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I'm using Affinity Photo on 64 bit Windows 8. In some files when I use eyedropper tool, the color I pick up is way darker than the original. I wonder why that might be? In other files I don't encounter that issue. I first started that file in Designer trial, and then continued in Photo. Can it be the reason? How do I fix that? It's really slowing down my work.
  5. Is there any way to make brush size visible while painting? It's a bit hard to paint when I have to guess the borders of the brush.
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