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  1. Yes! Thank you! That is what I was looking for. I don't think it was mentioned in either the Pen tool feature description page or the video. I just ran through the pen tool tutorial in the book I don't remember it being brought up there either. That surprises me for such a basic function!
  2. The closest thing I came across is the "show orientation" feature guiding what you point will look like before putting it down. That feature helps since I can see what the line will look before I click but once I drag out the handle it looks like I have to commit to its placement at that time. It is okay that way it just means that I have to redo the line.
  3. Okay I see, I might set up that function with a custom shortcut as it is one that I get into the habit of using in Designer.
  4. The feature is working fine in Designer so it seems to be specific to Photo. This is my first time posting for a beta (at least in version 2.x) and when I checked it didn't seem like anyone else posted this bug. I hope I didn't that right.
  5. Okay I see how that works. Was there also a way to adjust the point location before you let go of the trackpad? In other words when you click you have access to the how the line is bent with the handles, is there a modifier that can let you switch from adjusting the handles to moving the node? Or do I have to set the point and then command click it afterwards? Again I might be thinking of another drawing tool. I'm sorry that I can't remember if I am confusing different apps. I just had a lot of logo work to do and those little subtle changes in the pen tool can make a fairly big change when doing the same operation over and over. Thanks
  6. I haven't used Designer in a long time but it seems like it had some modifier button that let you change adjust a point after you laid it down? I might have been another drawing tool that did that but it has been such a long time since I needed to draw vector graphics that my memory is hazy. This is a fairly basic function but I didn't come across it when I was going through the Designer book recently (which is several years old.) Am I right to think that feature was available in Designer? I mostly use Affinity Photo.
  7. I was looking through the settings and it doesn't look like it can do that as far as I know. Doesn't it seem weird that three of the buttons are working as expected? UPDATE: I tried it just now and it isn't staying locked in the constrain setting now. I don't think I did anything to change it. I have been doing tutorials last night so maybe I accidentally At first I thought it might be due to running the 2.1 beta but the problem was also coming up in Designer 1.11 and 2.0. I hope it doesn't happen again but it looks like I am set to keep working again!
  8. It doesn't seem like the problem is with the Wacom. I switched over to Pages and tried switching off and on the shift express key. When I let go of it the letters immediately went from upper case back to lower case. I haven't had a chance to set up specific shortcuts based on the individual programs so I can't figure out why the two pieces of software would work differently. When you say toggle on/off switch do you mean a button that stays in one state until you click it again? I am not sure if Wacom has that feature? Also the other three buttons on the tablet work as expected. When I let go of those buttons they return to the default setting.
  9. This doesn't happen when I let go of the other express keys, it goes back to the default position. If I use the keyboard and let go of the shift key if goes back to a rectangle shape. Why does only the Wacom shift key stay stuck in the constrained position after I let go of it?
  10. I just discovered this problem in 2.0.3 so my guess is that the fix didn't make it into that release. I guess a lot of the bugs probably spilled over to the next update especially since 2.0 was so major.
  11. Oh great, thanks! I remembered from Photoshop you would convert it from the mode menu and there wasn't a separate dialog box so I'll just have to get used to the new way.
  12. No, I didn't do it that way. I was trying to change it under Affinity Photo > Preferences which doesn't seem to do anything. I am in the dialog you mentioned now, is this where I select one of the RGBs under "color format?" This image will be going on the web so it seems like that is what I should pick?
  13. I can’t figure out why since I think they were all scanned in the same. I will select a color but it just comes out in a shade of grey. I tried setting the color mode to sRGB or Adobe (1998) but in the top left corner of the window it continues to say “Generic Gray Gamma 2.2 Profile.” A grayscale image doesn't have to be scanned as color to later change it to color does? I don't need to rescan the photo right or do I?
  14. With Capture One Pro you definitely get what you pay for. The pre-sale updates go for $150 and are taking care of the issues I've been asking for with Affinity and Lightroom for years.
  15. I actually don't even remember the main points I was making when I brought this topic up all those years ago! I mainly do color correcting in Capture One Pro now.
  16. I didn't expect this post from 7 years ago would still be relevant! Haven't they changed the white balance tool since 2015?
  17. @Johannes They did it with the other two apps so I would think it would work in a similar way with Publisher. I am actually more interested in the next Mac version. I hope a new version of that is right the corner. Even a bug release update would be very welcome.
  18. I only tested it on my 2020 MacBook Pro a little bit. I also have a 2017 iMac that I haven't had access to for a while but I am curious as to how performance will be different there.
  19. I haven't noticed much change on my Intel Mac but I am glad it works better for you.
  20. Many have pointed out that Apple is showing Affinity Publisher in it's ads for iPad Air 5. My guess is that this is where their attention is going at the moment. There is still one application in the lineup that hasn't been released even as a beta yet so it makes sense that this is their main focus.
  21. The already did this with Affinity 1.6 which largely didn't include many new features.
  22. Really?! Wow, I thought that was a standard feature now days.
  23. My screen brightness is usually turned pretty far up so these forums are hard to look at when they are that bright. I just haven't found the setting to switch it on.
  24. I switched to Capture One Pro I have been happy with the last two years of that. It's really caught up with nearly all the best features of Lightroom and I think is currently the best tool that does both cataloging and editing. Apple Photos extensions was an interesting idea but still think it's way behind Capture One. Also it will be on iPad now too.
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