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  1. I just discovered this problem in 2.0.3 so my guess is that the fix didn't make it into that release. I guess a lot of the bugs probably spilled over to the next update especially since 2.0 was so major.
  2. Oh great, thanks! I remembered from Photoshop you would convert it from the mode menu and there wasn't a separate dialog box so I'll just have to get used to the new way.
  3. No, I didn't do it that way. I was trying to change it under Affinity Photo > Preferences which doesn't seem to do anything. I am in the dialog you mentioned now, is this where I select one of the RGBs under "color format?" This image will be going on the web so it seems like that is what I should pick?
  4. I can’t figure out why since I think they were all scanned in the same. I will select a color but it just comes out in a shade of grey. I tried setting the color mode to sRGB or Adobe (1998) but in the top left corner of the window it continues to say “Generic Gray Gamma 2.2 Profile.” A grayscale image doesn't have to be scanned as color to later change it to color does? I don't need to rescan the photo right or do I?
  5. Really?! Wow, I thought that was a standard feature now days.
  6. My screen brightness is usually turned pretty far up so these forums are hard to look at when they are that bright. I just haven't found the setting to switch it on.
  7. That's right, I always forget about that check box. I expect to see it in the main interface area instead of buried in preference box. I guess that is because I think of the change affecting a particular corresponding artboard and not be a document wide change.
  8. Also where is the option to make the white background not show for a png? I thought it was under the "more" section where it says "matte" but it isn't doing it.
  9. Oh whoops! At one point the blue used to be a spot color (when it was going to press) I don't know how I switched it over to cmyk. It was going to a cmyk printer at one point. That's probably the reason. Yes, as @Alfred said there is no need to log-in to Instagram. I am not sure why you are getting a log-in window instead the account page like he is but you probably don't need to see it at this point anyways.
  10. We have a logo that is a royal blue and it looks fine when I export it, meaning it looks like it does in the Affinity doc but it becomes a very light turquoise blue once I bring it into some other applications. I am exporting as a jpg since it is going to the web. Any idea on why I am getting this major color shift? To see a blue which is closer to what it should be you can see the icon on our Instagram. I set up the IG years ago so I don't know why that logo export worked and what I might have done differently. It should have been exported from designer as well. https://www.instagram.com/cascadeprecision/ It didn't really need to be that big but I couldn't find the buttons to easily make it smaller.
  11. I think they could, it is basically just a line drawing. So if the latest version can export as CS6 that would work. I have been wanting a document that explains the Illustrator / PDF connection so I will look that over.
  12. Can you tell me how to do that? I wasn't aware that Illustrator files had embedded PDF files. I'm not sure if the file is corrupt I think it doesn't open in Illustrator just because my version is old.
  13. I had something really weird happen. The place where I work sent me an Illustrator file to open. I couldn't open it in Illustrator CS6, couldn't open it in Affinity 1.8.4. I eventually got the file to open with iDraw which I don't think has seen an update in years!! Does that makes sense to anyone else? That makes no sense to me at all. I would think the native program it's self or a modern competitor to Illustrator would be the best at opening it.
  14. Yes, I agree now too. I think the original post was from three years ago before I tried good competitors like Capture One Pro and especially Capture One Pro 20.1. I still think they have a little ways to got in order to become a major player in with Desktop Publishing.
  15. I wish Apple would put help with their Photos extension developers if they were going to open their product up to the 3rd party. Which ever program has most of the error they could put more focus on working together to solve it over releasing the next version of Photos. That was supposed to be one of the main reasons Photos was replacing iPhoto and Aperture. Oh well
  16. I also wonder why Apple doesn't put out point releases for Photos? It seems like after half a year we would have a 5.1 out now? Something that addresses things like extension problems. My guess is that there are things that each company can do on the side to improve fixing the problem.
  17. Yes, I can verify that as well. I just had a chance to play with it on my Catalina laptop and it half works. Develop extension is fine but I can't save adjustments from the full Affinity app. Weird that Mojave, Photos 4 would work perfect. At least working partially is a step in the right direction.
  18. My favorite Catalina feature is splitting iTunes apart into several different apps but if it means it will screw up my workflow then I can't update. Photoshop CS6 could run on Catalina with a work around. They were showing this off when Catalina first came out. I hope the newer Catalina point fixes have made comparability even better though.
  19. Yeah, especially layers within the DAM app. The only other one I knew which did that was Pixelmator Pro. The problem with the Pixelmator Pro extension is that you can't open several photos at the same time due to the way Photos only lets you have one photo open at a time.
  20. Can you still work with Photoshop CS6? I am actually fine with loosing support for LR, especially now that C1 20.1 just came out most of the best parts of LR. I didn't realize Catalina was so much more buggy than Mojave. Most of my experience with the two OSs has been of a roughly similar stability. I'll have to test on the Photos 5 extensions now for sure. I would have thought after having five almost six Catalina point releases they would have fixed most of the issues. It seems like now that they are doing public betas for each MacOS release they could streach the betas out a bit longer to really squash all known bugs.
  21. Bummer, what version of Photos are you running? I run version 4 on Mojave haven't had any problems with 1.8.4 yet. I also have a couple other Macs on Catalina I can try there as well. Can you still get Photoshop CS6 to work on Catalina? I was hoping some of the Catalina point releases would improve compatibly with the old Photoshop. Surprised LR 6.14 stopped working so early, had no idea On1 had layers in a DAM like tool. I love the adjustment layers in Capture One and can't believe Lightroom doesn't have any support for layers.
  22. I just wanted to add an update to this post. Thankfully several have filled in this area very well including recent improvements with the Affinity Photo extension in Apple Photos. I haven't seem to run into any problems with the latest AP beta yet in this area. Fortunately Capture One 20.1 fixes most all the complaints I had with LR. I am really curious if anyone is having problems with the Affinity Photo extension in Apple Photos anymore? That was such a long standing bug but I really hope it isn't around anymore. As good as the latest version of Publisher is there is still goofiness with things like the leading overrides not being clearly labeled and easy to be mistaken as a regular leading box. In another words even some of the basic functionality is yet to be thought out. There seems to be more of a better long term plan with Affinity Publisher so for that reason I am glad the focus was on the layout tool. Hopefully there will be a big push to get Publisher up to where the degree of polish the other apps are already at.
  23. The latest Capture One Pro 20.1 is a really great product. I find it does nearly everything better then Lightroom.
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