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  1. Where can I find on my recent MacBook of Apple the last saved version of my work with 'save' in 'file' of Publisher? Now, after my vacation I can no longer find it under 'file' 'recent'. Only the more older ones. Does anyone know how to find this most recent work?
  2. I did work with the resource manger and replace. This time it works.!!!!!!! It will be my own fault, but I have learned much of it. Thank you four persons for helping me. I can go now further on.
  3. At first Old Bruce the resource manger is back. But now I have to relink all the photo's with the missing. Should I do the same you have suggested or wait and look wether I can get them relinked?
  4. I have seen it, but it doesn't open. In the past I could look to the resource manager.
  5. It is to much for me (I am 71 years old) and I make a template and a pdf what I now have done. Then you can see what is the case. But resource manager does not show up via document/resource manager; or window/resource manager. It is to big for this support. I can't show you. I will make a template from a part, you can see what I have te ask. Your answer seem to me clear but to do it is another case. I think I overestimated myself. It's harder than I thought. I don't have young people around me who can help me. What I used was Photo, Designer and Publisher and wanted to try to create the space between photography and filming. So: make sentences with pictures that don't move. In the old days in the churches, one had to read the stained glass windows in churches to understand what the owners meant. The glass windows were the books that many people who didn't learn could read. 'A part' of my work as a PDF send to you, doesn't work either: I will try to answer the questions: I slide some photo's in a self made folder from the app "photo", before I go to work with the photo. Then I open the photo's again in that self folder and change the photo. After that publisher said the photo is missing and when I click replace there is nothing happening. Now is resource manager gone. My new photo's I changed get a new name while I need also the real ones. Then I have 2 photo's from the same with another name in the same folder. Ah, I can do still something you can see better what I am doing. What you can see there, that I used photo's on the right side and make them half black and the other part colour. These pictures blure. The left part are ICM pictures direct from Photo with a drawing above and they are not missing. Not a problem. In the drawings come the photo's from the photography fair in black and white.
  6. Thank you for answering; The size of my photo's are in the beginning (before I change them) 5184 - 3888 px. direct out of my camera. When I do a workshop I have to change that to 1000 px. I do that automatic in Affinity Photo with document, size. On the moment I move/slide them from one place to another. Is that correct for Publisher? When I do what you suggested in Resource manager nothing happen.
  7. It doesn't work what you have said and therefore I have 2 questions when I go from the beginning: If I open the apple Photo and then move the photo by sliding it into another folder, that is a copy or a new photo. If I do this with copy and paste then is it better? 2. What is the best file size? Now I use Tiff. and that is sometimes very large. Is it better to reduce this to, say, 1000? Thank you already for the answer.
  8. Thank you for the answer: I will at first do you said so clearly and when it does not go I go back to the beginning of all ( I know then which Photo's I want to use en which ones I want to change) and start all over again with the no ledge you gave me. When that goes ( before the end of September and beginning Oktober I sort the last parts I want into Publisher ( I have to make them on the 2 days of the photo fair). Then I make a template and then a pdf to send a friend and the foto fair. Then you helped an old woman to make this. Already thanks
  9. Thank you for your answer; What I do is; with my photo's from the memory cart uploaden to Apple Photo. The Photo's I needed You have said I have to copy in an other Map so that I have them together in for the app Publisher. After that I think of a different photo and take a Photo of the self made map to change it how I want it. That is the proces I do now. Then it is blurry again. The links of you I translated them in Dutch, but when I am honest it goes a little bit above my head. For me, as a beginner, it is very difficult. When I read them all I will send to you what I did do to change it all.
  10. Is apple Photo a 'source file'. I'm asking this because I'm probably copying the photos wrong and they'll still be blurry afterwards. I don't quite understand the resource manager.
  11. My way of working is actually 'building'. From one, comes the next step. As a result, I later placed the photos in that project's folder, because I wasn't quite sure whether I would use the photo in question. EmT explained that I have to go to the Resource manager, so I'm going to try that or change my way of working for 'Publisher'. I like to use the 'build' way, so I'll leave the photo in its original place and copy it Thanks for the reply.
  12. What I saw today is this. That the photos become blurry if I, as recommended in the book, put the photos in one folder, which I use for that particular photo project. But after moving the photo in the right folder, the photo becomes blurry. I'll continue tomorrow and I'll see if it's right by doing a few exercises. If it turns out that this is not the right reason, I will continue with your recommendations. Thanks in advance.
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