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    benscottarts got a reaction from Sullyman in Where are the files stored from the Assets panel?   
    I cant find any forum post on this and nothing in the manual
    Where are the assets from the assets panel being saved?
    I understand we can save assets used in a document with that document as well 
    But I am looking to make sure affinity resources arent taking up too much room on the computer as I have a macbook air with little internal disk space
    I would also ask where are the styles kept in affinity designer?
    is there a workaround to have alias files going to an external harddrive
    I am thinking more in terms of what is standard in video editing packages and should be in the preferences for affinity designer
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    benscottarts got a reaction from pcote in Symbols in groups crash software   
    I am finding the symbols feature to be extremely buggy 
    It has massive problems as soon as symbols are nested inside groups.
    I find that the objects inside the symbol cannot be edited and the software regularly shuts down. 
    This has happened multiple times and meant I have had to reconstruct whole documents by dragging items out of the symbols
    I also find elements of the symbol don't scale properly, work with stacking order correctly, display at all.
    this is a major bug in my opinion and needs resolving as a feature like this needs to be very robust to be of use
    once the symbols have been placed in groups and the bug happens it isn't a simple case of removing the symbols from the group to fix the bug, it permanently breaks the symbol 
    if this is a duplicate of someone else's bug post then let me know but I didn't see a mention of this
    Please let me know if others experience this or if its specific to my machine