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  1. Hi Sean, I can send a printscreen, but it does not show much. It seems in fact that some of the SVG files I wanted to use contained just a pixel layer, contrary to my expectation; hence, no suprise that Designer could not find anything else than that layer. In other words, luckily enough, this does not look like a real bug any more. Thanks for your helpfulness. Best, Guy Alex
  2. Importing an SVG file into Designer started to result in a single flat pixel layer while a couple of days ago it opened normally as a vector layered image. Even a vector image exported from Designer into an SVG file then opens as one single flat pixel layer. I may have altered the Preferences, but I do not see any reason for which any of the options would affect the import process in such a way. It seems to me that it really started to behave in a weird way. Thanks in advance for help.
  3. Hi, I imported RAW files (Nikon) directly from an SD card into my iPad Pro via Photos through a cable provided by Apple. I believe it is a pity that it is not (yet?) possible to import directly into AP since passing through Photos creates certain issues. First, Photos do not show that there is a JPG image plus a RAW image. This is probably not a problem as such. Second, when I imported some of the images from Photos into Affinity Photo (AP) via AP on one occasion, it automatically made the choice of the RAW file. I wonder why I cannot make that choice myself. Third, at the same time, when I saved images from Photos to a folder, it only did so with respect to JPGs. Why? Well, it at least conserved the name of the file. When I import from Photos via AP, it leaves the image unnamed. This mess starts to be an issue. Fourth, having imported images to Photos on another occasion, I decided to select some of them for further treatment in AP marking them as “favourite”. Then I tried to import RAW files into AP via AP, but in spite of the indication “RAW” on the images, it only imported JPGs. Why? Can anyone help me, or are the above issues flaged under third and fourth genuine bugs to be resolved by the iOS and AP developers? Thanks.