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  1. Sorry, yes I mean the Apple beach ball. I have another iMac running Mojave but not sure I can install Designer on 2 machines?
  2. Running Designer 1.7.2 on High Sierra 10.13.6 (can't upgrade this box). I select a line object made with Pen tool, then click the box to change the stroke width. I can use the slider to alter the width, but if I click the box to enter a specific width, I get a color wheel and Designer hangs up. I have to Force Quit. This is very frustrating, and I'm hoping there is a solution.
  3. Hello and Thank You both for your responses. I've been trying to add the pi symbol to a Designer file as part of a text frame. The Font Book option worked for me.
  4. Hello World. A new user of Designer coming from the Illustrator universe. So far I'm liking it. Also bought the Workbook. I also like the way it is thought out and designed. Following a work-flow is similar to how I learn a new tool. I learn on a 'need-to-know' basis -- I 'need to know' how to do 'this', so that is what I concentrate on. Unfortunately this leaves gaps in my knowledge acquisition. The examples in the book are well-chosen as they cover most if not all the situations and tools. Good work folks and thank you eh! (Yeah I'm Canadian). Especially like the SVG export results - not a lot of verbiage. Sorry, posted this to the wrong forum.
  5. Hey back, and thank you for the quick response. I will go over the video again and work out as much as I can. Looking forward to the new one. I must say I am impressed with the thought and design of Designer and the solid following of users in the forum.
  6. I'm new to Designer and this particular post interests me. However, my question is does the video have audio as well? When I view it there is no sound at all, and I know my audio works fine. I like the video but it is only partially useful without audio.
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