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  1. Hi Support, I had already paid and have been using V 1.67 Affinity Photo for some months now, today I had to pay for V 1.7 but some friends have got the upgrade for free. Can I have a refund please? Regards [EDITED]mail removed[EDITED]
  2. I have installed the Google NIK software on my Mac in Affinity Photo because the DXO version did not work. Google NIK still has some issues in 1.6.7 but I have work arounds. I thought that I would install DXO NIK plugins into Affinity 1.7 but all that happens now is a message saying ( updating apps ) and crashes Affinity Photo??? Can a member od staff please look into this problem? can I have an answer this time please?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have just purchased Affinity Photo, and have upgraded to NIK DXO. I have tried installing it which seems to have worked, but when I try to use the NIK plugins some of them are crashing. Has Affinity upgraded to the new NIK software from DXO or can you only use the old NIK from Google? Best wishes Dave

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