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  1. Dear Dan I think that might have cracked it! two photos have loaded properly now all originals are on the iPad - it is very confusing knowing what is RAW and what is a JPEG on the iPad as it doesn't tell you in the photos app!! Many thanks for all your time and effort to help me out. It is much appreciated! Sarah
  2. hi there workflow is: wired connection from camera to desktop. load directly into Photos. Photos automatically uploads to the iCloud (Apple cloud, not another sharing platform). iPAd is synced to cloud therefore downloads the image automatically. Sarah
  3. Dear Dan please find screen recording as requested. I was wrong in my previous post - it does make a difference whether the original picture was loaded on the desk top or the iPad first. you can see in this recording that photo loaded directly onto the iPad retains the info, but ones loaded onto the desktop, and then downloaded from the cloud is where the problem shows itself. thanks for your ongoing help Sarah ScreenRecording_06-28-2018_09-46-27.m4v
  4. Dear Dan I have now played about with a number of test files and I can confirm the following; 1. import a RAW file to photo (doesn't seem to matter if this is via that desktop or via the iPad) 2. this is automatically uploaded to the cloud 3. do nothing with it and load it into Photo for ipad - all data lost; this happens for all files managed in this way 4. do nothing again 5. all data still lost, and it creates an AF file which I have to physically close: if import back to photos, no data included. however: 1. import RAW file into photo and edit it in photo somehow - has to be an edit of some kind 2. save that edited version to the cloud 3. import into Photo on the iPad and all the data is preserved 4. do nothing 5. going back to home screen and back at import screen, no AF file created. 6. or further edit and export back to photo and all data preserved. So the problem seems to be somewhere between Apple's photo app and the Affinity app as long as no edits have been made to the photo. Thanks Sarah
  5. No it is set for RAW only - also it wouldn't explain why some RAW photos load correctly and others don't?
  6. right - I think we might be getting to the problem (but not necessarily how to fix it!) when I load a RAW file complete with EXIF and metadata it opens correctly in the develop persona - hence why when shutting it and having done nothing, the app goes back to the import screen. However when the files are loading without the data, they are not loading in the develop persona but in the 'photo' persona. When then pressing the back arrow, and having done nothing, it automatically creates an af.photo document which I then have to close. So something seems to be preventing the RAW photo loading correctly into 'develop'. What is unknown, is which comes first - the loss of the data and hence loading in 'photo' or that loading into 'photo' is somehow stripping the data. thanks
  7. Hi there. Have rebooted iPad and reloaded the app and unfortunately this has not resolved the issue. I have also noticed something odd; when the RAW photo loads with the data intact, if I do nothing and go back to home screen, it doesn't create a thumbnail which I then have to manually close; it goes back to the various import options. When the photo loads without the data, and I do nothing, go back to the home screen, it creates a file that is saved which I do have to manually close by picking that option from the burger menu button. I don't know if this means anything. Grateful for any other advice or options.
  8. Ok - I don't mind uninstalling etc as I am completely new to this and have not really changed Affinity photo settings at all. Workflow: I loaded using a wired connection all the RAW photos from camera to iPad. These were then automatically uploaded to the cloud over wifi. Then I went into Affinity photo and loaded the file from Photos. I couldn't find a way to go from Photos to Affinity photo as you can on the desktop version (should I be able to do that? In settings I have got 'read / write to photos' switched on). Then I exported the photo back to photos (again when you do this on the desktop it retains the CR2 extension and I assume RAW status whereas on the iPad it converts to a JPEG - couldn't find a way to export in original form). thanks
  9. Dear Dan - thanks for the quick response; iPad software unto date - 11.4; affinity photo version I think that is the version nos - doesn't say an update is pending in the App Store. thanks again
  10. Hi there: on trying a few photos it seems to be intermittent. It only seems to be the iPad version of affinity photo - the desktop version seems ok, but I have only tried it with a few files. I have included a screen shot on the iPad to show there is no data with the image. I have also included the original RAW Canon 6D file here to see it you can replicate the problem. to confirm when I edit this on the desktop version, all the exif / metadata is there; on the iPad it isn't. IMG_3103.CR2
  11. Hi there - not sure if I am doing something wrong (I am very much a novice) but all my camera’s meta data is lost when I import from Photos when the picture was taken on my Canon 6 d. It does not happen to photos taken on my iPhone. Thus when I export back to Photos, all my photos are out of sync and the geo tagging is lost. Please help! Thanks.

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