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  1. Philipp32

    Sony a7 iii RAW v 1.6.9

    Hi Callum, Thank you for responding quickly to the problem. the problem resolved itself. I posted ios 12.))
  2. Good afternoon. updated version 1.6.9 and again does not open RAW - sony a7 iiii ... why this happens and what to do?
  3. Philipp32

    Problem Sony A7III raw

    Thank you, have a nice day, your app is top for iPad.
  4. Philipp32

    Problem Sony A7III raw

    I'm sorry. how long to wait .... ?
  5. Philipp32

    Problem Sony A7III raw

    this is what a Black screen looks like. raw photo1
  6. Philipp32

    Problem Sony A7III raw

    Hi Stoker. I use a direct photo product via usb camera kit. on the filming area there is no possibility to use the cloud. the file appears in goeree but can't open it. when trying to open raw photo affiniti focuseda black field. and the program hangs.
  7. The problem with the RAW file from the camera Sony a7iii. On iPad Pro. When you open the file, a black screen appears and the application crashes. Help....

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