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  1. Okay, It worked... it took a restart of the computer. Thank you for your help. Any idea of why this is happening?
  2. Thank you for the tip, but I am sorry to say that I am not having any luck. No sliders after 5 clearing of all user data.
  3. Yes, I reset the studio multiple times, exiting the program, resetting the studio- nothing. Restart computer, reset studio, nothing. Went to defaults and did factory reset... the only way I could get them back was to reinstall the program.
  4. I am having the same issue. I was running Affinity on an old laptop with windows 7 and it was glitching out so I have installed it on my work computer, so I am now running it on a Windows 10. It works great except the adjustment sliders vanished- I did everything listed above to no avail. The only way I found to restore them was to 'repair' the whole program from the download, which I have done twice. I have been very careful about what I am doing and I have no idea why they vanished. I can't keep repairing the program... is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong here? any help would be greatly appreciated.