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  1. By trial and error it seems that polygons with more than 6 vertices don't support snapping. E.g., if I create a pentagram, I can position circles on each point. If I create a septagon, this no loner works. I noticed also that snapping doesn't work for other shapes (e.g., star). Intuitively I could imagine from an implementation point of view that some shapes would have too many points and would "pollute" the snap candidates. Is there a way to tune? Also, related, is it possible to position a shape on top of path nodes? Thanks
  2. Everyone -- thanks so much for your generous answers. (@RCR -- I used perens liberally too! Cheers.) BTW, what tool are you using to do the animated screen grabs (Mac?) > Are we talking about a linear path, or a curved path or both and which node on the object do you want to position to the path node? > you can snap to the path but pinpointing a node, I don't think so yet, you could maybe use guides until this feature is added. @firstdefence If I use the Pen tool to draw some lines (i.e., a "curve" say, a zig-zag), I want to snap the center of a circle to any of the points. Perhaps I don't know what a "path" is?
  3. richburdon

    indicate arrow asset for UI design

    Thanks Lenuis. Sorry, I'm new here -- how do I use this? What do I do with the zip file?
  4. Snapping seems only to apply to the bounds of shapes? How can I snap/position a circle based on the center point; e.g., position the center of a circle at the end of a path, or on top of a node from another shape? Thanks.

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