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  1. Hello everybody, I want to second that: I still can open the slices persona, but as soon as I modify some of the settings to a slice, Designer may or may not crash. In particular, when I copy an artboard in order to create a new icon for my app and want to modify / adjust the settings of the new slice, I run into trouble. I usually enable the "export continuously" setting (sort of the tranlsation from german back to english). Right now, Designer freezes when ever I try to click on the triangle that shows the slice settings for the 2nd slice I want to edit. What I also noticed is the following: When copying an artboard, exactly the same name will be used resulting in a sort of "duplicate slice name" warning. The checkbox used to add a slice to the export list is also copied. I'd suggest, that this particular setting should be reset on copy since we're getting a warning about a duplicate name anyways.
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