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  1. Ok I understand. Sure thanks for taking a look. Attached I here I have one EPS logo.. wistia-logo-white.eps Why would the actualy text in Photo look blurry. It's not like I'm importing anything of that nature. WOuld i have to create the text in Designer and export it as a EPS too?
  2. Hi. I've gone ahead and begun to convert all of my logos to EPS. But now they have a white background I can't get rid of. When I exported it from Designer, it was with a transparent background. Also, if you notice the white logo in the bottom, it is still blurry and it's a EPS file, and I really am unsure how to proceed from here. Am I overlooking something with the logos and the native text?
  3. Thanks! Is that the reason why nothing ever seems blurry in Designer? What about the text? I created that within Affinity Photo and it came our blurry.
  4. Hi thanks for your reply! The logo is a PNG. I'm exporting it to JPEG. Should I export it to PNG? Is this the reason the text is blurry too? The text/logo looks blurry in the program too.
  5. Hi guys! I have been using Affinity Designer for over a year now and just bought Affinity Photo! Really love the workflow. I used to do all my photo graphics in Designer, but now I'm happy I have Photo. But I'm facing a serious issue. In Designer when I drop in a logo, I am able to resize it with no issue, and it looks crisp and clean. When I do the same in Photo, when I shrink it, it looks blurry. This is a REAL problem. I even tried adding text, and when i exported the image, it appeared all pixelated. I'm not sure what's going on. Am I missing something or is a setting wrong in my program? Attached is a test graphic I exported halfway through to see if it exported properly. Thank you! Jesal
  6. Hi, I just downloaded Affinity Designer after playing around with the beta. I love this program! I just created another user account on my mac and put the file I was working on with the beta version in my shared folder. When I try to open it up the other user account, it's not opening and says: File Failed to Open The Persona file is marked as read only. What's wrong? Is it because I created the file in another user account and it's preventing me from opening it in another? Thanks! Jesal
  7. Thank you Rik. I guess the biggest problem I'm having is with the logos in the middle. It's blurry and don't stand out in any way online :-/ Jesal
  8. Hi everyone, I just downloaded Affinity Design and i have to say, I'm very impressed with it :) I'm having an issue, either with exporting my image or playing with the vectors. I'm creating a top banner that will be used on our website, but it's not coming out as crisp as I need it to be. Initially I thought it was a pixel issue so I began to mess around with the pixel tools, but that wasn't too successful because the pixel pen was too large for my pixel (does that even make sense? lol) Honestly, it looks fine in the program, but once I export it to PNG or JPG, it's a little blurry, as attached. The dimensions of my banner are: 1020x462 @ 72 DPI Any help would be tremendous! Thank you! Jesal
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