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  1. That was it, the monitor ICP was doing it. Thanks for all your help guys. Cheers A
  2. All the other apps are fine with the display (Gimp, Nuke, Houdini etc etc), it's not a display problem , driver is at it's default, it's just Affinity that has this issue. Exporting the image to whatever format shows the image is correct G=G, B=B while the UI in Affinity is G=Band B=G A
  3. I'll try tomorrow with a different driver. Thanks guys Cheers A
  4. Frankly speaking the G is not even a proper blue it's more towards magenta. A
  5. I did try to use WARP but i get the same, simply G and B are swapped. Same happens in beta, in Designer and in Publisher. pWbm6RYrbE.mp4
  6. Hey guys, I have a serious problem with all my Affinity products, whatever image i load it shows the Green and Blue Channels swapped. Is there some setting that can do this? I just reinstalled it with no success. I have 2x2070RTX using 417.71 as driver Here's a snapshot of the whole UI https://i.imgur.com/M3z9ZFN.jpg The opened image is this one: https://www.pexels.com/photo/gray-bridge-and-trees-814499/ here's a direct link: https://images.pexels.com/photos/814499/pexels-photo-814499.jpeg?cs=srgb&dl=arch-bridge-clouds-814499.jpg&fm=jpg I did a reset of the prefs using Ctrl at launch and removing the AppData\Roaming\Affinity folder For me Photo & Designer are now unusable Thanks Adrian
  7. Yes, no matter what I have copied earlier as text when i copy/paste a gradient filled shape it will always output that text ( Works fine with solid colors though
  8. No 3rd party anything, simply copy-paste. Here's the behavior for a new session and document Thanks
  9. BTW, this is with build on windows 10
  10. I'm trying to copy paste objects with gradient fills but it simply does not work, it works fine if the fill is a solid for instance but not with gradients Attached a gif showing the actual issue Thanks for looking into this Cheers A