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  1. I set up 3 keyboard shortcuts (in Preferences) to open 3 Nik Collection Plugins. I then save the shortcuts in my Documents folder (I'm using a Mac). The problem is it only works temporarily. If I come back to Affinity after waking the Mac from sleep the shortcuts no longer work. If I go into Preferences in the corresponding dialog boxes the same keystroke is shown for all the Nik Collection Plugins (despite me having only set up for 3) and they also display a yellow triangle. I basically have to set the keyboard shortcuts every time I use Affinity, which is obviously not ideal.
  2. Just thought I'd let you all know that I purchased the bog standard 27" iMac. It runs Affinity Photo like a dream with no slowing down at all and obviously it's way faster than my old iMac. When I get a new camera with larger files then I'll look into fitting more RAM, but as it stands there's no need.
  3. I often click back and forth between steps in the history to review the changes I've made. However, sometimes it's not easy to see the difference due to a slight flicker presumably as the screen refreshes. I think it would be a nice feature to be able to pick two points in the history and then be able to use a split view to make it easy to see the changes made on an image. Also, I often want to review the same image but with different adjustments on the screen at the same time. The way I've been doing this is to create a snapshot of the file I'm working on and then open the snapshot as a new file before using separated mode, after which I position the two windows side by side. It would be great if there was an option to view opened files side by side full screen without having to do it manually. Thanks.
  4. I should have stated that I currently have a 27" iMac, so I wouldn't be looking at the 21.5" models. So you think that I should get the middle spec iMac with the standard 8GB and then upgrade the memory afterwards? Also, would the SSD drive make a noticeable difference to the performance? I've had my current iMac for over 10 years so I'm happy enough to spend extra to future proof it.
  5. Hello, After many years of faithful service my iMac has died. I want to buy a new one but was wondering if anyone had any info or thoughts on which options to choose for best results with Affinity Photo. I know that I'll need to upgrade the RAM but will 16GB be enough or should I stretch to 32GB? Mostly I'm confused as to how much difference going for the faster CPUs would make. I know this will ultimately fall down to my budget but what I'm asking is how much difference upgrading the CPU / RAM will make when just doing basic adjustments. I'm also conscious of the fact that I will be upgrading my camera at some point and the file sizes being much larger in future.
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