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  1. In Unity3d the TGA files could be used not only to store alpha information, instead, you can use the Alpha channel to store Glossines, Metalness, Specular, etc values ( according to the shader), so it is quite popular to use this channel to draw and fix some important information, but after working with Affinity photo I found that: 1. I could load TGA files, but instead of showing the alpha channel as a simple Black and White image like PS, it show it automatically as transparency, so there is no way to adjust, paint or modify it easily. 2. In case you were able to do it, you cannot save it back again to TGA, so if you are making changes into existent TGA files for a particular project, there is no way to do it. You have to save the file in TIFF format and then into Unity3d or any other Game Engine, you have to make adjustments into your shaders linking back again the new maps ( accordingly to the project complexity this could take a while instead of just load the updated TGA files ). I know that Affinity is a very good tool, in fact, I didnt cancel my purchase after all, because I was able to use it for almost all my regular tasks, but being honest, I think the full support of TGA files should be consider as a priority because the TGA format is a very popular standard into the game developers and there are a lot of assets into the dev stores that comes with that format, so having limited support, reduce the potential use of the Affinity tool.
  2. I cant believe it!!! I was researching online a lot of video tutorials about Affinity photo before taking the decision to move from PS because I don't really wanted to change my workflow, so today finally, I have purchased the software and decided to make the jump directly in the middle of a video game production and what a bad surprise!! It is really unbelievable that this software that is quite powerful in a lot of challenging stages like layers, filters and effects has a lack of support for a quite popular format like the TGA... I have researched about almost everything, but never though that this could happens these days. This is really bad for indie developers who want to move from PS to Affinity because almost all our assets use TGA file formats... so after finding this forum topic from 2015 I know for sure that this will not be fixed soon, so, I will consider to take a look to the refund policies, but first I will try to make a deep research to know what else is missing in this software.
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