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  1. No, I use node tool, and then join curves. Because when I use "add" there's extra node when I combine it (like in my topic few months ago). It's become a problem because I wanna use corner tool after it, and I can't curve a corner when two nodes not joined, or I have extra node close to it. Thank you for your help
  2. Hi guys.. When I joined two objects, it's not joined perfectly, why?
  3. Can I ask one more thing? when I change the color format from cmyk to rgb on document setup, the colors looks the same, no changes. Thank you
  4. Thank you so much for your answer, it's really really helpful Yes, because mostly I work on digital I keep using RGB mode, and I'm still learning for printing purpose. Thank you for your help
  5. Hi.. I use this document setup: type: print (press ready) color format: cmyk/8 color profile: U. S. web coated (SWOP) v2 But I have some issues, when I choose the color on the box, and I pick that color with "color picker tool" to coloring another object, the result is totally different, only cmyk code is the same. Yes I can just copy the #xxxxxx code to coloring another object, but I want to use that color picker tool because it's simple. And the client usually use AI to open eps file, I tried to export my files from affinity to eps file, and open it in AI, and yes the color code is changing, I'm confused :p Please help me to solve this issues. Thank you for your attention :)
  6. Yes.. if I delete the red nodes, it will change the shape. Thank you for the answer guys..
  7. Here's the example. The red node on second image, I don't want it when I combine two objects. How I solve this issue? Thank you..
  8. Hi.. I'm new in here, I want to buy affinity designer, and I want to know whether the $ 49.99 payment is for lifetime? And if there's an update for affinity designer, whether should I pay again? or I can free to update the product? Thank you :)