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  1. raywalston

    Crash on paste function

    Ok thanks for the information, and yes it was a symbol.
  2. Hi, when I copy a drawing from one document and try to paste it into another the app crashes. This is using an iPad latest v12 with latest version Affinity Designer. I tried to duplicate, cut and paste..no luck.
  3. raywalston

    AD iPad fx question

    Okay thanks, that was it.
  4. On the desktop version of AD you can change the color of an imported .png file by applying a color overlay in the fx panel but this doesn’t work in the iPad version of AD. Am I missing how or is the solution to use the desktop version?
  5. I created a couple of color palettes (application) using the desktop version that I would like to use in the iPad version but I can’t figure out how to get them into the iPad. Is there an easy way. I opened the document from iCloud using the desktop version and then opened it from the iPad to no avail..
  6. raywalston

    Buying a used iPad

    I think the minimum screen size needed is 9.7.
  7. Hello I’m getting ready to send some artwork off to the press. I’m using AD on an iPad. The company wants it in Photoshop format which AD will do but they want the text rasterized or I have to include the fonts. I used fonts that are available in AD. In order to raster text do I simply convert it to curves? How can I send the fonts? I watched tutorials but I didn’t see anything about this or I didn’t understand it enough. I used some Art Text as well as Frame Text. Thanks
  8. raywalston

    Horizontal guide not able to select

    Thanks much for the quick responses. Best wishes for continued success!
  9. raywalston

    Horizontal guide not able to select

    Hi MEB sorry for excluding that information. Yes it’s designer on the iPad and I’m using art boards.
  10. I can’t select or delete horizontal guides once created. Verticlals are no problem. I’m using an iPad 10.9 with iOS 11.latest. Also I have the pencil. i have the desktop version too but I haven’t checked it for this problem. thanks, I like the program very much.
  11. Thanks so much. I've seen that in the fx window, I don't know why I didn't think of that for the stroke.
  12. Hi, I created an octagon using two squares and then trimming off the unwanted parts. I have a fill of purple and a stroke of 5.5 pt in white. I duplicated this octagon and made it slightly larger which sits behind the original, to create a border of white, purple and then white again. The problem seems to be when I scale this down the white strokes don't scale and end up being closer to one another eventually eliminating the purple part of the border. Should I just eliminate the stroke and create a border in a different way? I've watched many tutorials and that might have been covered but at this point my brain is a bit fried. thanks,

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