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  1. I'm not sure what you did differently than my attempts, but it worked. Thank you so much! I appreciate the help, guys.
  2. Hey, folks. I'm helping create a fantasy map for a friend and have been working on it for a while now. The majority of this file is working fine but the main continent (layer "Main Region") is not filling as intended. The outline is correct, but the filled in area up top should be negative space and the negative space in the center should be filled. I've tried several times to resolve this but I'm not even sure how it happened. Everything was working fine the other day. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks. Cartography.afdesign
  3. The file is attached. I've labelled the appropriate layers COLOR: CORRECT and COLOR ERROR so you can see what I'm getting. I'm picking the color using the color picker on the right color panel and the one on the left toolbar. When both failed I tried to get the hex code from a few sources and I kept getting the greenish hue. I did find a workaround by using the marquee tool and erasing what I didn't need, but the issue with painting is still present. Thanks for looking into this Color_Error_Example.afdesign
  4. I'm not sure if this is a bug or what's wrong exactly, but I'm trying to pick a certain color (indicated within the pink oval) but whenever I do Affinity gives me one of the colors in green ovals. Even with the exact hex code it gives me the color comes out wrong. Not sure what's happening. Any help is appreciated!
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