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  1. I just bought the program yesterday but i did not know it does not have such a basic tool. I'm seriously inclined to return it. It's a shame for it has so many nice features. But this one... it's so basic that is impossible to think a vector based application that does not have it. Even inkscape that is a free, has this tool. This might be a simple script to implement. I've been reading this post and it's amazing they keep saying that it's about to come... for years.
  2. Despite the market share etc have you imagined how many people would migrate to linux because of that? I know many designers that don't leave windows because of adobe. I think you should consider these numbers. We have nice open source softwares in linux but i have to admit that affity has made an awesome job. If we had that possibility of a linux version with this price undoubtedly many people would migrate to linux and this share would increase consistently.
  3. Solved! When I open a new document i had to change de icc profle to Samsung like the image bellow. (my monitor is samsung) Pleaseeee, port this software to Linux!!! that's what is missing for my complete migration! I bet it would be a big turning point to so many people like me to finally be free from adobe and microsoft !!! This software is very professional and surely would be Big for linux community!!
  4. I happens to me also. When I start a brand new document the background is kinda yellow and I just installed the program, and the wierdest thing though, is that the navigator pallete is white! ??? didn't mess with icc profile nor nothing. How do I get it white?
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