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  1. I really beg to differ, people do want to get out of edit mode in an efficient way. It kind of bugs me that users talk about quirks and bugs, but Affinity staff takes a defensive stand explaining why we, the users are wrong and you are right. There's a good reason why this convention is used in ALL other applications, and it's plain weird that you have to use ESCAPE to get the desired action. If you hit ESCAPE in another tool you cancel out of the edit, so it really is an anti-pattern. There's also a mention of the "V" typos in text because you want to switch to another tool pressing a shortcut, but you can't because guess what.. you're still editing text, and you have to grab your mouse to click out of it. Keyboard > Mouse > Keyboard is not efficient. But ok, I made my point, and offered an actual solution for those who agree and want better working workflow editing text. Thank you for your rapid response in how it all behaves as it should, and we should simply adapt to quirky UX behaviour.
  2. Actually I've found a way how you can emulate the functionality using BetterTouchTool. I tried with a shortcut first, which shows the transform handles again but you stay in text edit mode. Using the Key Sequence it works, and you can cancel out of editing and get the transform handles. Still I hope this becomes native behaviour in a later version, but for now this is the way to do it. Hope it helps!
  3. March 2019... To this day it still annoys the frikkin' hell out of me, the steps required to just get the transform controls back after editing the text is ridiculous unless you hit escape. And Escape for Apply is the biggest anti-pattern I've ever seen, since in most tools (surprise surprise) it cancels out of your adjustments, and you have to do it over again. So learning to use the Escape button for Apply is actually messing with me using any other tool. Please.... PLEASE change this behaviour so you can use CMD+Return to get out of text edit mode, or at least set your own shortcut in the settings.
  4. GizmoStudios

    Layer naming/renaming failure

    Just going to bump this, since this is still completely killing my mood and love for Affinity Designer. I've moved over from Photoshop beginning this year and haven't looked back, but this silly bug being in the program for years now is unacceptable in my book. Please fix this soon, because if I hear the barrage of error sounds again when trying to type in a new layer name, either me or my laptop (or both) will go out of the window Ok, maybe a little overdramatic but still, it's super annoying that I have to wait a second before typing in the layer name. It surprises me not more people are jumping on this, since this is a very common and frequent action to perform while designing. Thanks for your attention, and hope to hear from you soon. Peace!