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  1. is there any news on what text tools are coming in 1.7 yet as I would love bullets and numbers to be added in (I know you can use emoji and character viewer but a native way way of doing this would be great p.s if this is already in 1.6 can somebody tell me how to use it because I haven't found it) plus in addition I would like a way to use your own assets as bullets to be added to text easily. I'm hoping with them developing publisher (hope we get it this year, fingers crossed) that we get something like bullets and numbers. And a Thank you to the affinity / serif team for such great products.
  2. Affinity are great products and as all upgrades are free of charge I don't think id quibble about paying for both a separate windows and Mac license so long as the upgrades stay free of charge. Adobe is incredibly expensive a year in comparison to the one off fee and remember your supporting the dev's when you purchase a license, I can understand when you buy a Mac license and you can install on any Mac you own and same with windows but cross platform license id rather keep updates free and have to purchase an additional license for windows separately.
  3. +1 I agree with everybody asking for DXF or DWG to be able to import and export (mainly export) it helps massively to be able to convert linework from affinity designer to load into any of the 2D or 3D packages (Vectorworks, Sketchup, Modo, etc). Affinity could even use openDWG alliance to import /export DWG or DXF rather than using Autodesks if they couldn't get Autodesk to support them obviously being able to load the latest DWG is great but even if its just exporting an older version of DXF most packages will be able to load in old DXF's from designer. Please please let this be in one of the newer releases. P.s I can not wait for Affinity Publisher will be trying to get all our CC licenses switched to entire Affinity product line as I love both designer and photo and if we get publisher I would be over the moon to replace indesign and if we can have this DWG / DXF conversion we won't need to keep even 1 seat of Adobe CC.
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