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  1. Er. Okay. Well, I hope you guys can fix it some time soon! ... You're the only ones that can!!
  2. I've posted this before, but it's been a while now. I'm basically not using Affinity Photo on my iPad anymore, until this is fixed. I need this feature to work as it did before the last update. I am of course talking about the fact that you can't turn on 'Lock Children' any more. When can we expect an update? Months have gone by and this extremely important feature remains broken.
  3. Just dropping by to say I've had to stop using Affinity Photo since the Lock Children was broken in the last update. For me, it's unusable until this is fixed. When will the update be ready?! And can there also be the option in the software to NEVER auto update? If this feature is fixed in the update, I will need to be able to opt out of future updates for fear of this kind of nonsense happening again. Please give us some time frame as to when to expect solution.
  4. Just noticed this now. Another bug since the last update! Definitely worked before. This last update also broke the ability to 'lock children' which is absolutely KILLING me!! Please fix this in time for Christmas!! If I could roll back to the last version I would, happily.
  5. I want to rollback to previous version - is that possible? Lock children doesn't work for me since update, and I can't use without it. I will even sacrifice the option to rotate canvas so that I can have this feature working! Help!
  6. Hey guys, I'm posting again here as my original thread seems to have been relegated to the bugs section, and seems it's being ignored. Lock Children is not possible since the latest update. This makes the program unusable for me. Any idea when this will be fixed please? Affinity Photo on iPad pro
  7. Man. This is driving me NUTS! somebody please fix this!
  8. Okay. Glad to see it wasn't just me being an idiot! Hope this can be fixed soon as I need this feature ALL the time!!!
  9. Oh. I see you're using Designer? I'm talking about Photo. And your profile says windows PCs... this is the iPad section of the forum?
  10. Not sure why but the switch to 'Lock Children' won't let me activate it since this new update of iPad Affinity Photo. Am I missing something?
  11. Hey thanks for the suggestion but that removes too much information from the image. And at other settings it renders too much black. Needs to a less ‘high contrast’ method. A more advanced filter than that. I remember photoshop had a way of doing it but I can’t Remember what it was =(
  12. Hey all. I did browse previous questions to see if this has been answered already but it seems not. i want to QUICKLY apply some effect or process to a photo, so as to reduce it to the most prominent contours. The end result should be a black and white ‘line drawing’ of sorts. Gradients are not necessary really, only a very minimal image of black lines where there are contrasts in the original image. I know I can trace the image with the pencil, but with my particular workflow, I’m hoping to be able to get a much faster way to do this step. Any help or tips very much appr
  13. Oh thanks guys. Alfred, I found it. Thank you so much!.... NOW we're moving here!! =)
  14. Hey all! Okay, loving this new ipad and Affinity Photo! But can anyone help me please? I'm using Photoshop for years and something I do regulary is create a mask then move the image within it without moving the mask, for example create a mask in the shape of someone's hair and then move an image of an abstract painting around within that mask so that I can choose within pieces of paint texture appear inside the shape of the hair. In Photoshop I just move the abstract paint reference image and the mask doesn't move. In Affinity the mask will mov
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