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  1. Yes, my mistake... I am used to working with UTF-16 and it totally escaped me that there also is UTF-32 (what you are referring to). I have tried different ways and it looks like Affinity is not recognizing (confusing) standard way of entering special characters, so I used Word: inserted the character into empty document, cut and paste the text into Affinity: Robert
  2. Unicode character range is U+0000...U+FFFF. You have one too many digits in there.
  3. In the "Live Diffuse Glow" setup dialog the Opacity slider is not handling the mouse events correctly. While I slide it, or as soon as i release it, the slider returns to 100%. Picture retains the effect, but the slider is in wrong position. All other sliders work as expected. Here is a screen capture video of the problem: LDG.mp4 (820 KB) BTW. This is on 64bit Win7 Pro, SP1. running on i7-6700K @ 4GHz with 32GB ram Thx Robert
  4. Hi When loading GFX50s RAF file into the Develop Persona the left side is missing about 450 pixels and the right side has a black rectangle where I would expect image, also it looks like the image size is wrong. This is a screen capture of my desktop. Notice: In Affinity Photo: missing pixels, the black strip and at the top the decoded picture size. In the right (explorer): no black strip and see the picture size. The original picture (RAF and decoded TIFF in other software) show 8256x6192, where AP is showing it as 8280x6208. This is a screen capture of just the black strip zoomed all the way so it is showing where the image data ends and the width of the black strip. Here is the RAF file to duplicate the problem: RW007722.zip (73MB) Thx Rob
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