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  1. J99

    Adjust stroke size

    That works great in Affinity Designer but it is not available (that I can see) in Affinity Photo
  2. I’ve spend all morning trying to do the most basic of all operations, adjust the stroke size on a square object. Not even Google has helped. Can anyone point me in the correct direction? All l need to know is how to adjust the stroke line on any object drawn in Affinity Photo for ipad. Thanks
  3. J99

    How to insert Unicode characters?

    If that is the case then how do yo explain this: https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1f463/index.htm
  4. How to I insert unicode character U+1F463 I'm not having any luck in either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer
  5. Help! I cannot make the footprint unicode show in either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer. I can post other unicodes using the Finder's Emoji & Symbols from the edit menu but not unicode U+1F463. How can I do that in either program? Please don't make me use Adobe Photoshop….