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  1. I could not really find it in the suggestions here, but it would be awesome to have some kind of Affinity Suite sync. This way if you favorite a font in Designer it could also be a favorite font in Publisher. Same with color pallets you make. It makes sense if you are a Graphic Designer and you are designing a logo in Designer. And then make a branding guide in Publisher to be able to have the same: assets, symbols,font favorites, pallets,... You can do it now by exporting and importing them, however it could save a bunch of time if you could just have it in a click.
  2. Hi, first of huge fan of the fact that I can almost trow out my indesign. Props for Affinity!! What I noticed when creating a new document in AFP is that you do not have the option to enter the amount of bleed you want on the document. This is to be found afterwards in under: File -> document setup -> bleed would we nice to have this in the new document creation dialog as well
  3. really looking forward to this one, it's the last tool missing to completely replace my adobe products. If you need a tester, COUNT ME IN!
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