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  1. Testdrive7 - selection issue

    Another illustration - looks like the little black ‘width and height values’ box that appears when a selection marquee is drawn, is treated as part of the selection marquee, and when this black box intersects the bounding box of an element the selection process is activated.
  2. Selecting vector elements with ‘move tool’ - selection activates before move tool marquee intercepts the element’s bounding box. This causes the unwanted selection of nearby elements. Example illustration below.
  3. Testdrive7

    How to sign up for beta testing?

    I would love to test, if needed. The only device I use is iPad Pro, and AD is my main app for illustration/design. I also test AP now.
  4. Testdrive7

    PDF export - file corrupted on reimport

    Hi Gabe, Thank you for your reply. Would it be possible to be included on a beta test list for AD for iPad? I do have the TestFlight app and would love to help to test beta builds and to use AD fixes ASAP. Thanks.
  5. I’m using Affinity Designer for iPad version, iPad Pro 2018 12.9, iOS 12.1.4. I use a mirrored symbol to create auto-symmetry when creating artwork. I want to copy the artwork from one file to another inside AD, but there is a documented bug - and it is not possible to copy symbols between files inside AD on iPad - app crashes every time. I was trying to get around this bug by exporting the file, containing the symbol, as PDF and reimporting it back to AD to convert all symbols, and be able to copy artwork between the files inside AD. But it seems there is another bug - if I do a PDF export of a file containing a symbol that has a nested curves (or nested layers), after I reimport the resulting PDF into AD, it looks OK, but if I go out of the file and open this file again the nested curve gets corrupted. See the attached images illustrating the problem. I can recreate this bug and this happens every time. Very frustrating. Is there a workaround in AD on iPad for copying symbols between files, and is there a workaround for PDF export bug? I need to be able to supply a source vector file of my artwork and thought that I will be able to do so with the PDF export. Thanks.

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