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  1. That implementation isn't the same on windows. It doesn't work in 1.8 and below. In 1.9alpha there now is a control-alt-scroll (up/down) do rotate around the cursor as pivot point. That is neat. THough I really would like to see a control alt drag so i don't have to switch from pen to a mouse to do this interaction. This seems not be fully thought-out yet but is a very appreciated step forward (among the other refinements 😎😍)
  2. So, i am on the latest beta and it still isn't implemented. I can't work with Affinity without hurting myself without this feature. It's almost comical that touch gestures and the scroll wheel only do a 90° canvas rotation. What purpose does this serve on the PC? Do you do User Testing and observe if they can use it without straining themselves? Do you expect all of us to switch to screen tablets? Whats going on?
  3. You can only rotate in 15° increments which is hardly useful and slow if you want to rotate it quite a bit. You have to hammer your keyboard repeatedly until you find something mildly useful. Also you have to work around the default shortcuts, which seem to clustered on the left side of keyboard (being right handed ). eg.: ctrl+shift+alt+q/e are not very intuitive to use all day long... This is bad UX design that needs some developer action to be resolved. It seems on the mac side something has been implemented already. I make this a request for feature parity then.... What i expect from any 2d design app these days is the ability to draw a stroke, rotate, draw, rotate back, continue and not getting carpal tunnel issues to do very basic work.
  4. High Precision relates to your tablet's DPI for the pen and the Dial would be something like the Surface Dial or equivalents
  5. Please add a functionality that duplicates Photoshop's canvas rotate feature using a shortcut and multitouch gestures to your desktop/windows app. This feature should not permanently change the documents bound like cropping would do, but rotate the view to make certain lines/strokes more easily reachable. Currently the lack of this feature slightly impedes my ability to work quick and acurate with affinity, as i am using a graphics tablet, not a tablet/touch device with an active screen. (As I had this discussion before, where this misconception came up, just rotating the graphics tablet wouldn't do it, since you are not looking at your tablet, but your screen and you rely on your muscle memory. I might have been doing it wrong though for a decade)
  6. Where is said tool in the desktop app. Without being able to rotate freely (preferably using a hotkey like in photoshop), its pretty much useless for most of my use-cases that involve a graphics tablet (without a monitor) and sketching.
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