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  1. So if I understand: theoretically, a brush like this one oughta be fine, right? Because I can not get it to work, currently. (And it's on a vector object.) (I don't know what you mean by "≠ pressure curve"; if that means that a pressure curve is not a texture and therefore shouldn't a problem, or if a pressure curve can cause problems even on vector brushes... but I got rid of my pressure curves and still no luck.)
  2. I've been working on a project in a Google Doc with the intent of exporting it and sprucing it up before printing/PDFing it. I found the content suffered from verbose, wordy descriptions, and that some well-placed emoji served as intuitive symbols. And the Microsoft emoji font jived with the aesthetic I was already working in. Well, I've run into a problem: despite how it worked perfectly when I did test runs a few months ago, now—depending how I export it—the PDF will only use Google's emoji font, or the monochromatic version of Window's emoji font. And none of it imports into Affinity Publisher right. I saw a forum post a year ago here where the official Serid response was they do not support pictorial typefaces, but that had to be before Publisher, right?? Is there any way to get the emoji to display as intended, be it in Publisher or something else?
  3. I recently bought a Surface Pro with the intent of using it for design work. I know that Serif recently released Affinity Designer on the Windows Store, but I still had an extra machine on my license, and the only way to obtain the Windows Store version was to buy it all over again. So I just downloaded the PC version from Serif's site and plugged my code in. I've been trying and trying and I can't quite adapt to Designer on a touchscreen, like I did easily with Clip Studio Paint's Surface interface. If there are any undo/redo, zoom, etc gestures, I can't find them. I can't tell if there are settings within Designer I can't find that will make for an easier Tablet Mode experience, or if I've yet to properly optimize my device itself for art/design work (I hear people talk about using plug-ins that make the Surface Pen's button deploy a radial menu, but I've had no luck finding anything specific). Or did I mess up downloading (and applying my license to) the version downloaded from the website; is it only the Windows Store version that's touchscreen-friendly?
  4. I'm about halfway through my Designer Beta and while I've generally been absolutely in love with it, whipping vague whims up into actual designs with astonishing efficiency, I recently ran into a glaring omission—the ability to perspective-transform shapes without rasterizing them (and even that would appear to require a copy of Photo, which I haven't yet explored). And not in a skew-to-the-side way (which does seem to be readily available in Designer), but in a vanishing point fashion, like the text in the picture below. In what I've googled of the issue, I've seen it spoken of as an established, known limitation, but also didn't see it on MEB's most-requested feature list, so... here I am officially requesting it. My wheelhouse is... abrasive, hard-sell punky type designs, the ability to project shapes towards the viewer is something I frequently employ. I'm not going so far as to call its absence a dealbreaker when my trial expires, but I will say it's looking like it'll be a persisting nuisance having to find workarounds.
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