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  1. Thank you for your precious information. My computer is MSI,intel i7, 6700HQ,CPU@2.60Ghz. Windows 11 or update windows10 not allowed. So sad. No solution yet.
  2. v2 of photo, designer and publisher cannot be installed in windows 10.
  3. Dear Murfee, It is a great help from you! A minor point is the key! It works well! Thank you so much!!!!! Regards, HK LI
  4. Dear Lee D, I attach here the two steps that I have tried but the result is the same. It is still not working. Could you kindly watch my process and see which part I got it wrong? Thank you! Regards, HK LI 01 affinity to map depth image.mp4 02 RESULT IN FACEBOOK.mp4
  5. Dear all, I got a problem in creating a 3d photo in facebook. I don't know which step is wrong. Here are my exported files and final result shown at facebook. Both pictures were shown instead of one. Could anyone advise me how to fix my problem? Thank you! HK LI 20191123my first 3d photo on facebook with map depth skills.afphoto
  6. It's amazing that experts respond so quickly and help me solve the problem quickly! Thank you!
  7. It works! I don't know why but if it works, it is fine! Thank you so much! HK LI
  8. It is attached here 20191106 inquiry_blank pdf page exported.mp4
  9. I got a blank sheet for pdf output. Could anyone give me advice how to avoid this? Thank you! Regards HK LI
  10. Could anyone tell me how to make a photo to a page for coloring? Thank you! HK LI
  11. I am a starter. Could anyone tell me how to set page boundary? Thank you! HK LI
  12. Just want to know if we can use stitching to form 3d images by taking photos with a turntable and stitch images in Affinity Photo to form a 3d image ( photogammetry). Thanks
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