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  1. 1) Live filters Considering the Affinity Photo and Designer files are exactly the same, why not allow Affinity Designer users to use the live filters Affinity Photo provides if they own Affinity Photo, at the very least? The filters tend to be useful and would provide a 'short term' scalable (semi vector, scales as long as it's in its native software) replacement to vector distortions Adobe Illustrator provides before we get the actual vector distortions. And yes, I know there is that "Edit in Photo" button, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants their workflow to consist of as little software as possible? Isn't it why Affinity Publisher has all 3 programs capabilities in it, providing you bought the other ones? Perhaps in the future, some live filters, such as perspective or twirl could be expandable into actual vectors, similarly to how Illustrator's distortions work. We'd basically get the same thing in Affinity Designer, and I feel like vector distortions are important to so many people. 2) Live filters and effects in the Appearance panel isn't this one self-explanatory? I feel like it kinda is. Let's say that I want to blur just one stroke on an object with a couple of strokes and fills.. or if I wanted to give one of the fills an effect from the effects panel? I'd have to work my way around it and create several separate vector shapes. and while we're at effects and distortions for paths, a great one to be able to give to strokes or fills in *general, not just the appearance panel* is offset paths. If I wanted to achieve a negative offset path effect on a fill in Affinity Designer, I'd have to add a stroke to the vector, expand it and subtract from the vector. And if I want to change the offset later, I've got a problem. effects on individual appearance layers are incredibly powerful (esp offset paths) Path offsets help even more with fills on advanced and/or annoying shapes
  2. This and a gradient mesh tool for more fun with gradients!
  3. I've been playing around with affinity designer and I was trying to make some font corrections when I spotted this problem; I found no way to convert layer effects to vectors, more specifically, the layer's stroke. Is there a way to do this? To expand curves to layer effects and include them in so that they are regarded when I i.e. use geometry functions using them?
  4. (Introduction to the problem, not really important) Hey! I've just been playing around in affinity photo coloring my text with gradients and I decided to give it a 3d feel, so I copied the black text twice, moved the top one a bit on the left, selected the 2nd text and 3rd one (moved to the left) and went to geometric functions to subtract the moved to left part from the copied text essentially creating a 3d side. I used a gradient on the letter and a reversed gradient on the side to give it a real nice 3d feel. Now, here's the problem; When I wanted to combine the 2 layers to create a single curves layer I spotted a problem. Affinity wants to keep as many coloring functions still available when the layers are merged and so when I do it using geometric functions (add) one of the parts gets the same gradient as the other one or they both loose color and I can't set them both separate different gradients. So that's the question; Is there a way to merge 2 curves/text/element/curve layers, no matter which one with which one to keep all the gradients they had before merging? I found rightclick>geometry>add not working and neither the merge down function so I start getting worried I would need to export the file as svg every time I wanted to merge 2 gradient colored objects to get them as 1. Any help? Thanks
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